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  • Objective: Two teams of nine players must try and score more rounders than the other in an innings.

    An innings could be for a certain amount of time, or players out. It is up to the players and organisers of the game. Usually, two innings are played for each team. The fielding team will try and limit the rounders scored, and get players out if they can with bowling and fielding.

    There can be up to fifteen players in a squad (team), with no more than nine on the field at any one time.

    The order of teams batting and fielding will be decided by the toss of a coin.

    The ball will be bowled (thrown) to the batter. If it is a good ball (legal delivery) the batter must try an hit it, and then run to first post, whether they hit the ball or not.

    If it is a no ball then they do not have to run, but if they do, they cannot be out at the first post.

    If the bowler bowls two no balls in a row, the batting team are awarded half a rounder, called a penalty half rounder.

    As the batter moves around the posts, the fielding team should be trying to prevent them from getting to the fourth post and scoring a rounder, or to the second post and scoring half a rounder.

    Batters on posts can stay there as long as they keep in contact with the post with either bat or hand. The player on post can move to the next post once the ball has left the bowlers hand.

    Only one player can wait on a post at a time. Once a batter has left a post they are not allowed to go back to it.

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