10 Best PC Game Graphics To Push Your PC TO THE LIMIT [4K Video]


Here are some PC games that look great with graphics settings turned up to ultra. Best viewed on a good monitor or TV.
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  1. COD MW? prolazis kroz travu kao duh… vatra izbija iz blata kao da je negdje tri metra ispod blata i viri samo spic..
    isprobao sam ih sve na svom racunaru i jedina vrijedna grafike je donekle Battlefield V i The Witcher 3 na max postavkama.

  2. Glad to see Battlefield V get some love. Hugely underrated game. It deserved most of the hate it received at the start but unfortunately the hate blinded a lot of fans one of the best gameplay and good-looking games DICE produced. Speaking of DICE, both of their Battlefront games still blow me away all of these year later.

  3. Thanks! Man oh man, I can't wait to play some of these. I ordered a new PC with an i9, RTX 4070ti, and 32 gigs of DDR5. It'll be the first time I've ever owned a current-gen system. Red Dead 2 makes my current PC scream like a banshee.


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