10 Biggest Battles EVER In Video Games


Video games are known for their battles, but only a few have massive legendary ones that we still talk about. Here are our favorite examples. Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV?sub_confirmation=1.



  1. I'm a huge Bannerlord fan, and it may not seem big but giving you the ability to partake in the gore alone can turn unwinnable battles in your favor. Simply killing 10 enemies as the army general takes serious damage on enemy morale. Actually partaking in the killing makes all the difference from battle to battle.

  2. The claim that ships in EVE Online cost real money is simply not true. The only real money required to obtain any ship in the game was the monthly subscription (when it was still mandatory).
    Yes, ships can be bought by a player from another player with real money, but it does not cost real money to obtain or produce them.

  3. ROFL…you compared RTS games with NPC units against Eve Online?

    NPC units vs thousands of actual human players at once?

    And the Planetside 2 battle with barely over 1000 players was ranked above the 7500+ player Eve battle?

    Yeah…no. I don't agree with your ranking system whatsoever.

  4. Wasn't there a massive online PC shooter called 10^6(10 to the 6th) like 15 years ago that had tens of thousands of active players in any one area. Also where's bannerlord? 1000 in the vanilla game and modded you can get 2k real time strategy with active tactics AND real time on foot action.

  5. Heavenly Sword was one of my first games I got with my PS3 for Christmas. I loved that game, and I even liked the controlling of projectiles. You could shoot arrows into the craziest places, almost turning corners and shit lol. Underrated game IMO

  6. W.o.W Name Rip Taylor JR Undead warlock Main. single Handedly Would Get whole servers 2 Fight the Alliance. Always 4 The Horde.

    Best warlock In the business n I didn’t even always Have the best Arena Gear. I could Do work with just blues n or a couple higher. I think purple was one type. The rest I had were greens. It’s not always You’re Gear. It’s how U use it.

  7. I’ve Personally Gotten all My Fellow Horde players in W.o.W Back in Day when I used to play 2 Destroy all Those Alliance PPL cause Who cares Bout them lol Always 4 The Horde. Undead warlock main. [N Name Riptaylor JR]

    Fav pet. Dancing snowman. Was # 1 warlock on my server. Might Play again one day. Would be cool 2 Have a VR Warcraft version. As long as I could have my old character back with those stats..

  8. I've never been in a game with battles as big as Eve online but I did use to play Battlestar Galactica online(BSGO). We use to have fleet battles and it use to get crazy on the servers. I played as a Cylon on the Scorpia server and when we had fleet battles some players would bring out the Basestar(Cylon) or Pegasus(Human) ships depending on which side would be goin out to take down the other side outpost. I was in a few battles that were so big it cause the fram rate to drop to the point the game was crashing. It use to be a fun game. I miss that game.

  9. I thought that one space blood bath battle would be the top one since it had many players and cost a great deal of money during an era when having that many people in one spot was potential server and internet breaking.

  10. I still hope on planetside from time to time but the scale of the battles have scaled down hundreds in one location to maybe a hundred which still isn't bad but it no longer sounds and looks like the world's biggest rave during night battles still fun though


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