10 BIGGEST Game Worlds of the Last 3 Years [4K]


The open worlds of video games are getting bigger and bigger. Here are some of our favorite examples. Subscribe to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV?sub_confirmation=1.



  1. It’s crazy i expected Cyberpunk map to be pretty small but it turns out the entire city from stadium to oilfields is basically the length of whole GTA SA map.Also the roads are pretty damn wide in this game like GTA V so it gives the feel of a smaller map at first look but it’s really not.

  2. Half of the Cyberpunk map is unplayable without glitches and it’s very empty,my estimate for actual playable map would be about 50 square kilometers.Around a third of that is Night City.

  3. Rdr2 is open world at its peak. Even tho it’s not technically the largest it just has the most amount of quality in it. The unique NPCs, the changing climate, different wild life and cultural shifts from region to region is something that has simply never been topped in my mind

  4. ELITE DANGEROUS. it's a 1:1 copy of our galaxy (100,000 light years across the map), the milky way with 400,000,000,000 systems to visit and if your the first ever to visit a system you're credited as the first to discover it forever.

  5. I still don't understand why people want bigger open worlds. Like many here love AC Odyssey's map, even tho it's very copy-pasty and 60% of it is artificial feeling at best.

    People say "I love to explore the massive world and go anywhere!", but when I suggest them to play something like Elder Scroll's II: Daggerfall with one of the biggest maps in a singleplayer game, they suddenly don't like that…
    Then they say "It's just procedurally generated with some towns and dungeons. Why would I want to explore this forest that has like 4 trees?". But you can describe most of these huge open worlds like that too, can't you? Only difference being that there's volumetric lighting and bigger draw distance lmao.

    Ah… I just really dislike AC Odyssey, okay. I wish Ubi would just retroactively rename it to just Odyssey and patch out any AC related content.


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