10 Cancelled Nintendo DS Games


Back with another episode of the Canceled Games series. Here are ten games that never made it to the Nintendo DS … Find the rest of the series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD8cXxYMDG3ObGATyFhCsW0ndarurX5Eg Background music of the DS versions of: Bomberman 2 Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Star Fox Command Ys Strategy Video sources: Geist – Unseen64 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjt4zRCKnJpdEM3N6KDFhGg https://www.unseen64.net/ Raid Over the River – Thomper https://www.youtube .com / channel / UCUFokHi0zuoM8jWspqB2X5A Crash Landed – NintendoNWRExclusive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxtthERX6qmEOdR3O8IF0_A Emperor – FrameStudiosSrl https://www.youtube.com/channelSoutube https://www.youtube.com/channelSoutube https://www.youtube.com/channelSoutube https://www.youtube.com/channelSoutube https://www.youtube.com/channelSoutube_UCXhtdf com / channel / UCxhtB9OBJddf7Gi_bX6 IGN https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKy1dAqELo0zrOtPkf0eTMw https://uk.ign.com/ Gauntlet trailer – GauntletZeus https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKy1dAqELo0zrOtPkf0eTMw https://uk.ign.com/ Gauntlet trailer – GauntletZeus https://www.youtube.com/channelH76HuntletWbtf03 Let’s Get Retro https: // www.youtube.com/channel/UCY5vcH3BRrV-orOzOIbzGUw Challenge Motocross – doudou272 ht tps: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8StxvFyY6tVxqpd13ah7Q Space agency – audiogamesJP https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCky-TwxH1FPtZMlQXVeDzJw.



  1. Midway just has this ability to leave a sour taste in their fans mouth. Like if they went with literally any idea it would sell like hot cakes. Like imagine the thought of a Gauntlet Dark Legacy remake. Kind of sad that Midway never jumped on that.

  2. Renegade Kid was literally one of the most wasted companies ever in the DS era. They pitched Silent Hill, Crash Bandicoot, Mutant Mudds, etc all showing extreme proficiency in the hardware, but were just left to make the two Dementium games and Moon. Then they went into the 3DS era at a blazing pace with Mutant Mudds new design and really utilizing the 3D feature very well and everyone was excited for their new game Treasurenauts. Then they proceeded to keep delaying Treasurenauts and do anything but that. They made two unnecessary remakes of their DS games, with Moon being cut up into pieces, whilst delaying their release in Europe, and as an RK fan on NZ, made me very sour to their company as Moon was eventually released with no hype surrounding it and blaming us for not buying their game. They also made Xeodrifter, a short and sweet Metroidvania that probably would have been received much better if they took more time on it and actually finished Treasurenauts. Like, what were they thinking?

  3. I just found this Ds prototype 2 days ago on eBay . I have never seen this before “ duke nukem DS” it is unreleased I can’t find it on unseen64 and have never seen one on google my friend plans on making a video on YouTube tag : DScapades

  4. What a shame the DS really could have done with some more shooters shmups! a genre that didnt get enough love.
    Clayfighter needs a revival full stop!
    Gauntlet would have made for a great handheld game too!

  5. My favorite video series returns! Usually watching these videos there are like 3 or 4 games I really want to play. This time I would have loved to try them all. They all looked really polished and I'm surprised. Raid over the river looked awesome and a 3D mutant mudds is very interesting, especially that water jet pic mechanic. Great video Pete!

  6. It's surprising that Crash fell by the wayside, it was always going to be an easy sell, and from that short demo it looks like they had something solid in the works. And the name itself was a no-brainer, I'm surprised 'Crash Landed' hasn't already been used.

    Mutant Mudds looked decent, maybe a precursor to something like DeBlob or Splatoon as a kid-friendly shooter, not much else like it on the DS as well. But then F/TPSs would always be tricky to sell without the analogue controls.

    Space Agency looked right up my street, at least going by the short premise and three available screen shots… And I've always got a soft spot for some iffy translation.

  7. Another great vid Pete. The DS is one I never spent a lot of time with. Probably because I’m not too fussed on handhelds although loving the Switch!

    Looking forward to the next ?

  8. That shooter would have been awesome on the DS one genre that lacked on the handheld,
    I love gauntlet and that version showed a lot of promise also shame it didn’t make it
    Another great video to the series mate


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