10 More Amazing Must Play Nintendo Switch Games!


Lucky for us the Nintendo Switch is full of awesome games. In this video I have another 10 must play Nintendo Switch games. Everything from Zelda to Mario and more.

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  1. Maybe going forward, you could add some pop up text, or a timeline ID or something for the game names. Some of these games look cool, but no idea how to spell some of the names you are throwing out, and you are giving no reference for me to go search for them online, other then a spoken name… This is kind of important for a YT gaming channel and should be implemented asap! Just trying to help 🙂

  2. Brother!, found your channel about a week ago when I got my Oled switch (my first time owning one) and I bought The Toursyt from your recommendations, enjoying it so far!, question, I’m a very casual player, really just be chilling, ¿do you think Tears of the Kingdom would be alongside my alley and worth getting it?, thanks in advance! ????????

  3. SPlatoon one was awesome. We got SPlatoon 2 for the family and was excited to play a multiplayer mode together and apparently there is no split screen multiplayer and you need a second console just to play 2 players?? I have no interest in online play. SPlatoon 2 was disappointing. Makes me love the Wii U a whole lot more.

  4. Just bought No Men's Sky on the Switch looking forward to playing it. Just a small suggestion in this kind of video maybe try putting the number in the ranking on a corner and if there's no particular order maybe the game rating. ????


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