10 Most UNIQUE AAA Games of The Last 5 Years


Plenty of mainstream games are special, but only a select few in recent memory have no imitators. Here are some unique AAA games.
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0:00 Intro
0:20 Final Fantasy 7 Remake
2:03 God of War (2018)
3:23 DOOM Eternal
4:58 Monster Hunter World
6:42 Elden Ring
8:25 Kingdom Hearts 3
10:07 Control
12:05 Deathloop
13:00 Sea of Thieves
14:34 Death Stranding .



  1. I loved Control. Even after 70+ hours of gameplay I still occasionally find a spot that I haven't discovered before or a box that I haven't opened. I still go on tier 3 expeditions from time to time.

  2. I don't know how games like the legend of zelda breath of the wild or It takes two are not in the list, waaaaaay more unique than final fantasy 7 or god of war.
    I'm not saying those are better games, just more unique, the fact that in the video mentions how many games conjure god of war probes my point.
    anyways, great games though (and maybe it takes two does not count as triple A)

  3. I’ve never heard anyone say that previous FromSoft games weren’t “AAA.” I guess it is kind of a fuzzy category, but I worked at a GameStop during the Dark Souls launch and it certainly felt like a AAA launch to me! I’ve considered the Souls series to be AAA since then

  4. I ignored Control at first. I didn't care for Quantum Break and the name sounded generic. It was also published by 505 games which usually releases middling/average games. It turned out to be one of the biggest surprises for me last gen.

  5. Sadly I hate Sea of Thieves, my experience is very…. Unpleasant. Got raided by a dude why exploring the seas. I wish this has a single player. I really like the water animation, the fishing, the treasure hunting.


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