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  1. 8:11 @Everyone who has an R4 card (thats a discord joke) if you have an R4 card you can download the files for pokemon distribution cartridges and use them at home, since these pokemon come from distribution cartridges they are real Pokemon you can take to HOME (if you have bank and transport)

  2. There is a component on the pcb at the center of 4 buttons (bayx)

    When closing the hinge, it will align on the right speaker which is magnetic, thus, activate the component(don't know what it calls). That shut the lcd down

  3. Whoa didn't realize how many game titles had DS in them! Too bad Digimon Survive didn't come out sooner! Ha-Ha! I don't think I've ever played my DS on my Birthday I'll have to change that the next go around! Maybe your next DS video can be called, Drew Spoilers!

  4. Oh my god, you’re sooooo young. My first console was the NES, first portable was the game boy, which came in extremely useful when I was getting chemo. Also, SNU is NOT non-profit. They use accounting tricks to be ‘non-profit’. Also, you’re much likely to get a phenomenally higher level of education by either using a state school (4 year) or a 2 year trade school (which most state schools also offer). Finally, SNU dramatically inflates initial job offering salaries. They also don’t tenure their teachers/educators (I’m loathe to call them professors as most don’t have PhDs).

  5. Safeco Field in Seattle during baseball games used the download play feature to share an app to that let you get the score, player stats, strikezone info and other data about the game as well as order food delivered to your seat.

  6. I don't put my birthday date onto my DS systems, but I did put it into my 3DS.
    I have 2 DS Lites, one that I got on 20.04.2022 (DD.MM.YYYY format), and another more recent one I got on 7.8.2023.

    Hearing the birthday chime when I had powered on my 20.04 DS Lite spooked me for a reason, probably because I wasn't ready for a second since my birthday is in January.

  7. omg, the magnet sleep function makes SO much sense now! i remember as a kid i was playing with two small round magnets and i wondered if it was possible to make them stick to eachother through the screen. when it turned off i was so scared that i broke my ds with some magnetic shockwave or something lol. and my fear that magnets (or anything metal) continued long after that! i remember back in pokemon X and Y people would slide a coin under their circle pad to hatch eggs. i was terrified to do this because of my magnet experience! ????


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