10 Wii Light GUN / Zapper Games


If you liked this check out my video PS3 Move 10 Great PS3 Move Games Light Gun and Motion Control https://youtu.be/xWoecFRD6Ss I had a great time trying out these games. This screen was captured from a Wii U as it has an HDMI socket. All games also work on a standard Wii. Please let me know your favorites. Datel Precision FX gun adapter https://amzn.to/2LP4Bqy https://amzn.to/2QWQ7Cz WiiawestBang Wii Play Mad dog Mcree Links crossbow training Arcade hits: Gunblade NY & LA machine guns Reload Gunslingers Ghost squad House of the dead 2 .



  1. why is the precision fx actually impossible to find, I think it must've been a UK exclusive cause I've never seen one in the US, but there isn't a single one on ebay, amazon or aliexpress, maybe because it looks too realistic?

  2. A couple of years ago I was really getting into lightgun games on the Wii and nearly bought this model of controller off amazon but didn't. I'm going back and trying to 100% some of these games and am dying to get my hands on the Datel Precision Fx but I can't find it avaliable anywhere online anymore 🙁

    Does anybody know where I could find one?

    Thanks anyway, this video was really useful for me back when I was getting into these games

  3. When did you film this video mate?? Whats your best 5 wii games of all time! Not including games such as zelda, pokemon, Mario e.t.c choose underdog games, ones not that common, hidden gems if you would….. thanks man, keep up the great work ?

  4. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll definitely be picking up Reload…I've gotta say though, that you've got Link's training all wrong. First of all, it was never a full price game, it came free with the zapper back in the day. Furthermore, it is not so much a blast 'em up game, but a precision shooting game that highly rewards consecutive shots without missing. If you re-play it that way then I think you will see that there are hours of fun there just earning the medals and besting your top scores. There are even a couple of hidden levels unlocked involving the scarecrows. It truly is a gem of a zapper game IMO.

  5. House of the dead overkill, man! It’s hands down the best of the shooting games in Wii (ported to PS3 btw). Also it’s one of the best games on the Wii. Good sense of humor, profanity language in abundance, very good sound track, replay ability etc. and above that FUN FUN FUN

  6. Have to try to pick up a Daytel gun! VR shooting on the Rift/Give is incredibly realistic, but I still miss the old light gun games… so I soft-modded a WiiU to play the old Wii shooters like this. I'm also going to soft-mod my PS3, to allow playing all the excellent PS2 shooters! I shoot actual firearms a lot, but I guess that isn't enough! Nice little video.


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