100+ NEW Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games COMING SOON!


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  1. It's a shame a few of those ended up being stinkers, like Baldo, which I was looking forward to.
    Destroy All Humans was a bad port, Disgaea 6 was possibly the most disappointing Disgaea, Ninokuni 2 has bad aliasing in handheld, Sonic Colours Ultimate was a disaster, Pokemon PD/BB weren't finished in time, Digimon Survive got delayed AGAIN, on a subjective note Axiom Verge 2 wasn't as good as the 1st.
    For the TBA stuff, I really want DQHeroes 1 & 2, hopefully they run ok in handheld.

  2. I imagine that the lacklustre game releases for December 2021 could be because of the covid crap so I'm hoping next year will be better (breath of the wild 2) but there's some really solid games on here I'm really looking forward to. Cheers for doing an ultimate switch direct, this must have took ages to research, script and film.

  3. Hello BeatUmUps. How are you doing? I am playing ocopath traveler. What a fantastic game OMG. I love it so mutch. Everything about the game is freaking amazing. Wow i am mind blown by this cool game. Do you have more recomends of these kind of games for the nintendo switch? Or if someone else in the comments know please let me know. I realy appreciate it. I wanna say thank you for all the hard work you,ve done for reviewing,buying and playing these amazong and fun games for NS ( Nintendo Switch). Every game you,ve reccomended hit the spot or even better. Thank you so mutch from the bodem of my gaming heart. Stay save during COVID and stay healty. Give my regards to thou fiance Kimberly and my regards too you as well for making these nintendo switch gaming video,s????????????????????????????????????? i have been playing for half an hour and i already sound like i have picked up the amazing old way of speaking and writing ????? you,re asome BeatUmUps ???✌? keep on posting and keep on gaming bye BeatUmUps

  4. While watching Gameranx video of upcoming October games, I had a thought of wanting to know what upcoming Nintendo Switch games were coming soon. And I am so happy you made this video and it is exactly why I am here. Keep up the great work Link!

  5. Can u "pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase" recommend a game that is an open world like breath of the wild? Cause i really like game those kind of game where i can fight or like really like zelda breath of the wild ( by the way zelda is my fav game)

  6. follow up comment, was this filmed in 2020? if so, then that is really confusing because for "this year" games, I am getting ads for this year which does not make sense because it is 2021. but then, "next year" is also 2021? has anyone noticed that? (reply if you have).

  7. I am so confused. you realized this in June 2021 but then say it is 2020 but I am getting ads for things you said it was this year in 2021 and next year is 2021. so… do I have my dates wrong?


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