100 Nintendo Wii Games in 10 Minutes


This is a compilation of 100 Nintendo Wii games with gameplay. The list is not in any order and is a random list of Wii games. Let me know in the comments which games you own, have played, or completed. Enjoy the video and subscribe if you want to see more videos in the future, thanks. #wiigames #nintendoii #100wiigames .



  1. Meu Top 10 da Nintendo WII

    01. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    02. Mario Kart Wii

    03. Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

    04. Wario Land: Shake It!

    05. Super Smash Brothers: Brawl

    06. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    07. Hyrule Warriors

    08. Zelda Breath of the Wild

    09. Kirby1s Return to Dream Land

    10. GoldenEye 007

  2. It’s a shame that in casual game stores, these amazing titles were often overshadowed by cheap shovelware.

    Any kid with a Wii probably owned 5 of those cheap and underwhelming titles for each one masterpiece they got to own.

  3. Hey i am looking a wii game in which the story starts from a plane, and we have some balls that transform into robots, monster or whatever, i only remember this much now? …..can someone please give me the name of that game it was my favourite game??

  4. im looking for a wii game to buy! i already have 7 :
    -wii sports
    -wii party
    -wii play
    -super smash bros brawl
    -just dance 2
    -mario party 9
    and another game i don't remember the name 😉
    ++ i've played wii sports resort,mario kart wii and jd2020 and jd2019

  5. Does anybody remember the name of that one game where you basically play a little plump boy with an Orange Ball over his head with which he had to fight?
    If I recall correctly, the dad had a blue ball oder his head, some if his sisters were yellow and pink and they had to fight against alien like creatures. The further you got into the game, the more characters you had to fight against these aliens. And every time you have to fight, you basically have to charge your ball (over their head) and there were upgrades you could use for your ball like density or clarity and sparkling or whatever. Hope the last part doesn't make it too hard to guess ?
    I'm dying to find the name of it ?

  6. Excellent video, although if you can handle constructive criticism I think you either should’ve labeled which games were wiiware and although some of them are good games I believe that this video should’ve been full wii titles only

  7. Please help me find this game: i think that in the start you or Simeone else get dragged by a forse ora a car ( i don’t re meme t well, maybe what i said is from a film).
    I remember that the protagonist was a samurai and maybe it was in the western period.( maybe) then i remember a mission where you are on top of a train, please help me.
    I had played it like 10 years ago on the wii
    I also kinda remember that in the end or just in a mission you have to Fight another samurai

  8. Im looking for 2 games and I dont find them, if someone knows please help me, the first one is a shooter where you play with a kid or a girl, and the second is the most dificult to find because I dont remember anything, the only thing i remember its a bridge closed after a forest that leads you to a castle and damn, the soundtrack was so good

  9. I’m trying to find a game. It looked like animal crossing, you were a boy and you were on a island/city/town and I remember you could built your own house out of wood. It looked a bit blocky but not like minecraft.

  10. Watched the whole vid and didn't see the game I was after. If anyone can help what I remember you play has a girl with white hair and wearing a red top. And she has no memories and goes to a camp I think? To get clues about her past. I dont have a wii anymore but wanna see if this game is in the Nintendo switch so need the name. Thanx

  11. i’m looking for a game that had a steampunk blimp with a palace and you had a small house in the city with your mum or someone ive been looking forever and i can’t seem to find anything! you could also ride turtles and had to fight off pirates with a princess called olivia i think. I vaguely remember but i can’t remember the name

  12. Does anyone remember a Wii children’s game where you could customize your character (give it a robot cat head etc) adopt a pet, buy cookies. I remember it vaguely and have no clue what it was called.

  13. I'm trying to find a game
    I remember that you can choose a player (Zelda, kirbi(?) from other games(? And you can fight, it was 2d. Kirbi(? Had an especial attack that consist in Cook you XD it was so funny

  14. Im looking for a wii game i think. in the beginning you start off as some samurai dude and you fight someone or something, but i distinctly remember your character getting tied by its feet and dragged around by a motorcycle. its like a hack and slash gane i think.


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