11 Best Dragon Quest Games (Series Ranked)


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  1. Is DQ8 really that good? I'm always hearing about how it's peoples favorite DQ game. How it was such an amazing PS2 and 3DS game. But i tried to get into it and i got bored pretty quick. I want to try again but…eh…

  2. Don't think I didn't notice the blonde haired kid in your DQ5 footage….

    Bianca is overrated.

    Debora is the true choice.

    (Put's up flame shield)

    But yes, 5 is definitely one of the top 3 (along with 11 and 8). Kinda hard for me to decide which is the best to be honest.

  3. It's criminal we don't have more of these on Switch beyond 11 and weak ports of 1-3. Ironically you can play the entire main series of DQ games on 3DS except for X.

  4. I mostly agree with this list, but I would place 3 much higher. 3 was just BAD. ASS. Welcome to the bar you need some party members? 1 fighter and 2 goof offs? You're making a mistake but sure knock yourself out. "Picklerick! Joel is here to see you!" Picklerick joins the party. Getting tired of Picklerick? Ok fire him and create a new human to join your side. Matter of fact let's hire and fire like 10 people just so I can sell all their equipment and buy all my early game items.

    The only game with a better overworld is DQ6 and the dungeon designs are amazing. The music is awesome. There's an atmosphere that 3 achieves that the other ones try their best to, but most fall short. There's just so much freedom in 3. No hand holding, no one to tell you where you can and can't go, nothing stopping you from getting what you want when you want it, except the ass beating that higher level monsters are ready to give you. Your dad's name is Ortega, and the opening cutscene of the game is your own dad beating a dragon's ass on top of a volcano. I mean if a game names the protagonist's father after taco sauce you know it's going to be fire.

    Oh, and you can build your own damn town.

  5. Haha, 8 and 5 are horribly generic. 8 sent the series into hibernation for being a generic ps2 jrpg w/ alchemy poorly tacked on. Remember how in the original 8 you had to beat a Super boss to get the functioning alchemy? That was default in the remake. It was that poorly designed/stolen from other, better games

  6. Dragon Quest VI has a great story, and very interesting quests, lore and epic boss fights. DQ VI (SNES version) is my favorite in the series along with V and III. Also, it's the most difficult game in the series, and this is actually the main reason why some players don't like it so much. The truth is, they get frustrated early in the game, and don't even let the story unfold to its full potential. The game is also the longest in the series, and the longer you play it, the more interesting it gets. DQ V is a great game as well, but it's too easy. As an old-school RPG veteran, I really like games that give you a challenge. DQ VI really makes you think strategically. The game also has a lot of well hidden items and secret treasures. Also, it has better variety of items, skills, spells, classes, characters, modes of transportation than the previous ones. And you can recruit almost every monster. No wonder when it originally came out, it was an instant hit, and the best selling game in Japan.

  7. Wow, Dragon Quest 3 towards the bottom? I like how unique and unpredictable this list is. DQ3 is almost always towards the top thanks to its historical significance, so it's nice to see things shaken up.

  8. I played the famicom fan translation of DQV on a crappy emulator when i was a kid, and to this day its in my top 5 RPG's of all time. The hero from that game was also my avatar for all my online accounts for over 15 years. Hoping to get the DS version for a good price eventually.

  9. The click image says mainline, and I'm over here like, but there are only XI mainline DQ games. ?

    And I appreciate that you share the proper names. Still remember mi pops carts for 1&4, Dragon WARRIOR. ?

    Also, 3 was my first i fully played. The GBC port. Looking forward to the HD-2D remake!

  10. I'm not going to lie. I'm 31 now and I just got into Dragon Quest this year! Which is crazy because I love RPGs. Started with FF games on the SNES. And moved on the so many JRPG franchises from there. But I never made the effort to try Dragon Quest until I watched this video. Now I've got Dragon Quest 1 and 2 under my belt and am currently working through 11 on the Switch. Was tempted to play 3 before 11 but I want my first time to be that remake. I can't believe I never gave these games a chance before. I honestly even loved Dragon Quest 2, with all it's annoying flaws. Lol. Thanks for putting me on to this franchise, guys! ?

  11. Watching the tokyo olympics opening ceremony and the athletes parade started off with the dragon quest theme!! Classic. Actuality juts listening further it has final fantasy 7 music too

  12. I fondly remember at the very start of the game getting into that particular line of land at the south of the castle and power leveling with the scorpions that spawned there after getting some decent gear early on.??? oh, that in the 1st one, of course?

  13. I've been with Dragon Quest through the whole journey and this ranking is pretty good. I still haven't finished 11 yet but my top 5 would be (V, XI, IV, VII, III) in that order. IV is just so nostalgic for me personally but V hits the heart and XI is so, so close.

  14. Pretty okay list. With one glaring exception. How the hell is 3 ranked so low!? If this poll were conducted in Japan, Dragon Quest 3 would almost certainly be at the top of the list.

  15. Hum… Dragon Quest XI has ruined my ability to enjoy RPG games in general with only a few exceptions. I don't know what to play anymore… Just finished Lufia 2 again and it felt kind of "meh" this time around. I think games of that caliber in terms of founding make it's hard to appriciate "regular" games. It's like final fantasy XV. The world is really epic and going back playing anything else is hard. After final fantasy VII remake I haven't enjoyed anything when comes to gaming really. And RPG titles on a decent budget comes far in between these days.


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