11 MORE Must Own Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems!


YOU KNOW IT! It’s time to share more of the absurdly good hidden gems for the Nintendo Switch! JRPGS, Metroidvanias and just the insane games you’ve never heard of.


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11 Must Own Switch Hidden Gems: https://youtu.be/FrKp03f_vTw
12 Must Own Switch Hidden Gems: https://youtu.be/rBurT9MpB0o

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Games in today’s video:
Intro: 0:00
Souldiers: 1:10
Anno Mutationem: 2:27
Young Souls: 3:49
Ghost Song: 5:14
Mercenaries Saga Chronicles: 6:10
Rabi Ribbi: 7:41
Viviette: 9:10
Bot Vice: 10:17
Strikey Sisters: 11:17
Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom: 12:13
Hero Must Die AGAIN: 13:39
Please consider subscribing: 15:46 .



  1. There's a few good looking games on this list that interest me. I am looking forward to Souldiers. I have it physically. I also really enjoy pixel graphics. I like that style. However, the term pixel art is annoying and unnecessary. Can we please just stop with that damn term? Anyway, nice games there.

  2. Rabi-Ribi is the best, I have the world's largest collection of Rabi-Ribi merch, all 6 variant covers for PS4 and Vita, 2 different limited edition PC editions, art books, CD Soundtracks, acrylic key chains, acrylic standees sets, Erina and Ribbon Dakimakura Pillow cover, a cardboard box with Erina the bunny and it says Rabi Ribi on it, and a full set of Limited Run Games Rabi Ribi trading cards. I love Rabi-Ribi such a cute, fun and very challenging, but rewarding game.

  3. Souldiers its a beautyful game and one of the hardest i can play xD, im buyed on GOG, just buy pals xD, Viviete i love it, this jewel long time buyed, its a mix with resident evil and Darkestfear(java game)


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