12 Best NEW Games To Play In December 2023


December might be a lighter month, but what is coming looks likely to fill up most of my free time. We’ll be busy gaming in December, that’s for sure. Join HAWKED Early Access today: https://bit.ly/47W2rtW Thank you to MY.GAMES for sponsoring this video.


00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in November 2023

Best NEW Games:
00:22 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – Dec 7
04:00 Hawked (Sponsor)
05:14 The Day Before – Dec 7
08:18 Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – Dec 7
10:49 The Finals – Dec TBD

Updates & Beta’s:
14:47 WoW Classic: Season of Discovery – Nov 30
16:40 Diablo IV Season 2 Updates – Dec 5
18:00 NAKWON – Nov 30

Honorable Mentions:
20:01 Blood West – Dec 5
20:55 Terminator Dark Fate Defiance – Dec 7
21:57 Pioneers of Pagonia – Dec 13

22:39 My Top Picks This Month

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  1. 0:50 Oh good. I'm not the only one. I was a huge fan of The Division and just started playing The Division 2 and I'm looking around like "Is this it? This is like a DLC. There's nothing new here."

  2. Why would you placed The Day Before in the list of "BEST new games" ?

    You played it yourself, you know wassup. However in this video you completely focused on what the game was supposed to be – not what is is actually.
    Could you please tell me why?

  3. Your channel is a joke these days. Days gone in the thumbnail. Not a good thing. Everyone knew it was going to be a scam like it is now. You want just clicks without caring about the content. Always a clickbait thumbnail.

  4. Will you be making a video on the day before or do you feel like you've said enough ? Because you know… the game is actually shit and everything
    I feel like I already know you opinion on the game at this point lol

  5. This channel has always been a disaster shill, but 11 months ago you predicted the disaster the day before.
    Guess whaat, it is. But now you are trying to recommend it?

    Get a grip.

  6. Just FYI, Mint Rocket is Nexon. Nexon literally created Mint Rocket to try and fix their company image in the west. I'm not saying NAKWON won't be a good game, just be cautious with your hype and wait to see how they monetize it.

  7. The one of the games I'm most excited for is a small indie game called Undying the developer Vanimals. It a story driven game set in the zombie apocalypse (I know, original). The changeup is that you play as a mother who is protecting her son and is bitten in an unfortunate event. Your days are numbered and your goal is to prepare your son to take on the world after you pass. It looks really good. I like the art and the gameplay is simple and interesting.

  8. Definitely check out Warframe! For thise that want a good looter shooter.

    It's free! Plus the community will help fresh players with most questions and even gameplay.

    All you need to do when lost is using the games Q&A chat, Recruiting, Youtube for video's or use the wiki there is a ton to the game.

    You could even play solo if youre confident untill youre comfortable to join others or want some back up.

  9. I raged at nakwon cus the hit boxes are so small I would get a perfect angle and I would swing and hit a shelf 2 centimetres away from the zombie the game definitely needs some work thank god it’s still in development and not a final product

  10. I would hate it if it's online game/shared world games, they all end up being the samething get x to unlock x, over again and again. The same old boring thing. Gaming is no longer about games leaving you with experiance, but it has become all about unlocking stuff to the point that the experiance is seconder at best. But hey, many Ubisoft already are like that even in single player setting. I hate it…

  11. The good thing about the hobby of gaming: There's always something new to look forward to.
    The bad thing about the hobby of gaming: It's all trash and you'll just end up being suckered back into playing 20+ year old games again in the end.


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