14 FPS Games You Should Be Playing in 2023


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  1. Rainbow six making me nostalgic so much. Love that game, ever since I was a kid. Back in a days, long time ago, it was a revolutionary game, because i think that game was the first game that introduced to the gamers little realistic details like bullets penetrating through obsticles like walls and such. Love it.

  2. Yes. I still play l4d2. Seriously recommend looking up tips and tricks for versus if you plan on doing pvp. Otherwise youll just get kicked from the game half the time

  3. Even though it's the worst Battlefield game, I feel like BF 2042 is worth a try now. It has got a ton of fixes and gameplay overhauls since launch, still pretty lackluster on content and the amount of content we get per season is unsatisfactory at best, but there is still some enjoyment to be had, recommend getting on sale.


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