15 Best Couch Co-op Games To Play With Boyfriend OR Girlfriend


Co-op will always have a unique place in the game. Who says you can’t play with your significant other and there aren’t good games to play? Today we bring you 15 cooperative games that you can play with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have fun. The list contains both old and new games, so we’re sure you’ll find something useful there. #co-op #games .



  1. Overall, good gaming list.

    Would definitely add It Takes Two (damn near flawless co-op gaming), Sackboy: Big Adventure (good platformer to enjoy with significant other & kids) and No Straight Roads (fun, unique experience with an amazing array of music).

    Can also mention an oldie but goodie in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World…

  2. A couple of tips for who ever reads the comments
    a) Divinity is unplayable. Meaning it's a very difficult game for advanced rpg players so if you partner is a casual player you won't be able to play / enjoy it and will be a waste of money.
    b) If you are a guy and you are playing a way out with your girlfriend for God's shake LET HER WIN at the end. Just trust me on this.
    c) Trine is an epic game anyone can enjoy since it's mechanics are very easy to understand an use. Surelly a game everyone will enjoy and there are 4 Trine games so you will be playing for a while!

  3. I tried playing Kirby Superstar on the SNES with my girlfriend. I thought that it would be a cool game to start with someone that was familiar with a plateforme game. So for the people who knows about that game the first thing you do is to make appear your ally (2nd player). That's where she comes in. In about 30 seconds of gaming she held the selfdestruct button too long and died… Since then I now play alone


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