15 Best Metroid Games – From NES to Dread


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  1. i actually think if they redid Federation Force for the switch now that we just had Dread it would be received waaaaaay better.
    Like you said, its not a bad game. It has DS limitations which is the main reason i cant stand it, but it also came out at such a bad time the public saw it as a slap to the face.
    I also feel like Samus Returns is so low because of the DS limitations too and once again…timing…switch was already out for awhile and we get another DS game? meh…

    My only beef with Super Metroid being #1 in everyones eyes is the reason most people put it up there. Not the music, not the graphics, not the atmosphere or feel of the game…the "nonlinear nature" is why so many hype it up.
    Its not a nonlinear game. The game is actually almost as bad as Prime1 with the backtracking if you dont abuse the cheaty walljump or any glitches, the difference is those options exist. Why do you think every other 2D metroid has had a mechanic to prevent single-wall-jumps? Because they didnt for this one and it broke the game in half. I can only think of 2 sequence breaks that dont involve walljumping off the same wall off hand, one being early supers one being golden-chorizo skip.
    I am NOT saying it doesnt deserve being #1, just saying that the reason most put it there is kinda…wrong… i still go back and play it often and yes i do abuse those glitches because theyre fun but they werent intended just an EXTREMELY happy accident.

  2. Prime 2 for Wii is I think my favorite Metroid game. From the world to the bosses and items it's just so unique and interesting. Following it are probably prime 1 and dread.

  3. Had enough problems to find anyone owns a 3DS. Playing games that will be perfect to play together would be impossible to me. So Federation Force or Triforce Heroes aren't my games.
    For Metroid 2 on 3DS, I love the last fight. It's like- okay, this game is fun as Skyward Sword is- but the last fight is one of the best.

  4. The top 3 (not including the trilogy) are my exact order of top 3 Metroid games. Super Metroid and the first Metroid prime are in a class of their own, then I have dread at number 3. What a fantastic game that was and worth the wait! I have Metroid fusion over zero mission but other than that I can’t argue too much with the list

  5. Prime 2 will always have a special place in my heart, and is currently my favorite Metroid game. There's so many small details that make the world feel so alive, yet there's also that underlying feeling of death and decay. This contrast creates a brilliant atmosphere for the game.

  6. My first Metroid was the original, And I loved it, I skipped Ridley without knowing, I did a crazy thing to reach Mother brain passsge, I thought the game was corrupted

  7. I would like to see this poll redone and voted on only by those alive and able to play the original Metroid in 86 or 87 and who also continued to play the games in the order they came out in during their respective times. I'm pretty sure the order would be different. I loved the video, as it was interesting content. Thumbs up.

  8. I think in the future other 2D games will look back upon Dread as such a key entry in gaming history. It has helped the entire genre reach a new audience, not just new Metroid fans

  9. The first Prime is my favorite 3D Metroid game, Dread is my favorite 2D Metroid game (still really like Super Metroid for what it is, but would rather play Dread)
    I didn't like Other M at all, the controls felt janky and it didn't feel like a Metroid game, just weird/different.

  10. Your list is ? I love Metroid Super Metroid brought me as 6 years into the videogame world and I would say Dread is almost close behind and is definitely on my top 5 games of all time

  11. You are now looking at someone whos favorite game of all time is Metroid Prime 2.
    Metroid Prime was revolutionary for Metroid, and has that WOW factor when you first play it, but on getting past that, I just vastly prefer Echoes due to it's challenge, atmosphere and combat (imo it has some of the best bosses in the series, Quadraxis is right there).

  12. Super Metroid is a great game. It's one of the best games ever made. But let's acknowledge honesty and logic here for a second……. it's not better than Metroid Prime. It just isn't. The map alone in Prime is an absolute masterpiece. It's like saying that Mario Kart on the SNES is better than 8 Deluxe or even Double Dash for that matter. Obviously its personal preference which game is you favourite, you might prefer Pac-Man to Galaxy 2 but personal tastes aside Prime IS better than Super. Both amazing games though.


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