15 Games of October 2023 To Look Forward To [PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC]


The amount of critically acclaimed titles released in 2023 has been pretty absurd, with multiple “Game of the Year” contenders to choose from. October continues that pace with even more blockbusters and highly-anticipated sequels.

Want some psychological horror tinged with mystery? The eagerly-awaited Alan Wake 2 has you covered. Want some compelling 2D platforming mixed with contemporary mechanics? Sonic Superstars should do it.

Of course, we also can’t discount one of the biggest releases of the year – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5 – which builds on its predecessors in incredible ways. Check out all of these and other noteworthy titles launching in October. .



  1. SPIDERMAN 2 is a true masterpiece in the world of video games. The way moving around New York City feels so real is impressive.
    I can't wait to explore more of this exciting universe!!
    Does anyone else share the feeling? ????????????

  2. RE4, Lies of P and Spiderman 2 are the only games that I bought this year. Can't wait to get my copy of Spiderman. There are still pretty good titles that I wanna have but I'm on a tight budget.

  3. Really now with all the leftoid ideology pushed in the medium, The only games I’m looking forward too are lords of the fallen and metal gear collection. Was looking forward to Alan wake, but looks like they are going the more Alan Woke route. Doesn’t bother me my backlog is big and I love replying the old favorites. I’m good for life honestly even if they never release another game I’m actually excited for.

  4. October is one of greatest month for new upcoming games, Marvel Spider-Man, Sonic Superstars and Alan Wake 2 are BIGGEST games of october 2023 what are coming to Ps5, Xbox Series X/S and Pc. Im HYPED for new upcoming Nintendo Switch games too defienitily Detective Pikachu, Sonic Superatars and Super Mario Bros Wonder of corse. Year 2023 have been BEST year for videogames and upcoming october will be one of greatest octobers on history. ????????

  5. As someone who hated the first Lords of the Fallen. My least favorite game I have ever played in fact (2/10). This new one looks amazing. A new medieval soulslike with a different aesthetic to the Souls games. Gorgous art, enviorments, armor sets, and details. Everything looks so good. I just hope the combat turns out to be good.

    The only issue from what I have seen is the animations look a little off. I also hope we have some gorgeous vistas.


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