15 Nintendo DS Hidden Gems!


15 of the best DS games you’ve never heard of! Let me know your choices in the comments! Please subscribe if you enjoyed the video! – https://www.youtube.com/RetroBreak?sub_confirmation=1 If you enjoyed this episode, please consider supporting the show on Patreon using the link below: https://patreon.com/retrobreak Content Video: 00:00 Intro 01:11 Kururin Donuts 02:21 Cookie & Cream 03:35 Life Signes 04:34 Soul Bubbles 05:34 Rhapsody 06:55 Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes 08:00 Bangai-o Spirits 09 : 58 Lost in Blue 11:08 Nanostray 1 & 2 12:13 Line Rider Freestyle 13:50 Boulder Dash Rocks 14:56 Luminous Arc 1 & 2 15:46 Big Bang Mini 17:01 Zoo Keeper 17:55 Bejeweled 3 (mode Butterflies) 7:31 PM Community Choice 8:35 PM Thanks for watching! Let’s Play Kuri Kuri Mix – With Zac from Beard Gaming! (PS2) LPRG # 2 https://youtu.be/iJBoFU6BWqI Music used with permission from: Jonny Adams: https://linktr.ee/Jonnyadamsvgm and Light Shift: https://lightshift.bandcamp.com/album / a -moment-of-clarity Thanks for watching another Retro Break video! Subscribe for more retro gaming content! Follow me on social media: Twitter: @RetroBreakGames https://twitter.com/RetroBreakGames Instagram: @RetroBreakGames https://www.instagram.com/RetroBreakGames Recommended Amazon products (my affiliate store) https: // www.amazon. co.uk/shop/retrobreak Amazon affiliate links can also be used for video related products. if you click on this link i will get a small percentage of any sale. Thank you for your support! Camera: Sony a6400 / iPhone 12 Pro Max / Osmo Pocket All videos are now in 4K, so be sure to check your video quality settings! Edited in 4K using Youtube Final Cut Pro X equipment (affiliate link) https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/retrobreak?listId=BLBPTO1EFR4H&ref=cm_sw_em_r_inf_list_own_retrobreak_dp_VcKLpYebGlimDu3H Proud member of RetroUn. limited.com / retrobreak / #RetroBreak #RetroGaming #Gamersunite.



  1. Dam these were like all obscure chibi kawaii Japanese girl games dude lol don't you have anything else like dragon ball origins or something? Action, adventure, suspense, horror. List just wasn't for me

  2. Luminous arc 2 is so quotable
    Steiner strike!
    Master Roland Help!
    They would all fall to the demon blade
    Behold the power of Fire!
    Lights gather!
    Hold that pose!
    I'll be back… Meow…
    Sniper Rina!
    I got this.
    I am an iron wall!
    I'll blow you away
    Koppin poppin bo poppin
    I'm counting on you water!
    Behold the power of a rune knight!
    They would all fall to the demon blade!

  3. Monster Tale, Away Shuffle Dungeon, Thor God of Thunder, Scurge Hive, Star Wars Episode 3… The list really goes on and on to be honest. I'm surprised One Piece Gigant Battle didn't make your list seeing as you mainly collect Pal version games.

  4. New Subscriber here I've been a gamer all my life & have never stopped ever since. My recommendation to you to add to you're awesome Nintendo DS Collection is Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow one of the best games ever made from Koji Igarashi.

  5. I'm really glad you mentionned SoulBubbles, since it was my very first job after graduation and a great experience. The team was crazy talented including Ben Fiquet and Omar Cornut and we had super positive feedbacks, so, yeah, it was such a disappointement when it didnt work. The game really deserved better marketing.

  6. Nice to see Luminous getting some love, another couple i dont hear much of but enjoyed a lot where Infinite Space and Hoshigami, yup do love a good turn based.
    Still play AW Duel Strike….and still haven't beat it.

  7. I can so vouch for M&M Clash of Heroes! That puzzle/ warfare mechanic is too good to miss out on, just brilliant! I wish Ubisoft made more games like this. It would be great if the gameplay was used for another franchise, be it Prince of Persia, Rabbids or a collaboration like Final Fantasy or Mario.

    Very interesting video, I have faith in your knowledge on the DS! You have talked about Kururin Donuts before, right? I have it on my watch list.

    Big Bang Mini and Soul Bubbles look promising too, will keep an eye out!

  8. I became aware of your channel just a few days ago and I immediately subscribed while watching that Top 15 DS games video. You come across as a really nice and enthusiastic guy and your excitement is kinda contagious 🙂

  9. If you like bejeweled so much you definitely have to play puzzle quest on DS. By far the most interesting game of that type I played. Legendary Starfy is also a good platformer on DS.

  10. So glad you included both Nanostray titles. I’m lucky enough to have both as they aren’t all that common but more people need to know about those games. They are great shooters and as you know that system doesn’t have too many shooters. Great list for sure. I have Bangio spirits as well but I’ve yet to really play it but thanks to you I’ll sit down and play it this weekend.


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