20+ MUST-BUY Nintendo Switch Action Games !


Here are 20+ of the best action games on the Nintendo Switch!
**sorry for the reupload for those who have seen this already, had to tweak a few things**
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  1. Hollow Knight is way better than Metroid Dread……….Because Hollow Knight is wayyy cheaper, much longer and deeper…….Metroid Dread is $50 for barely 7 hours of gameplay……..If it was $30 tops, it would be a must get…..it simply is not worth it's price.

  2. I am a big fan of action games, so this list was nice to see. I was sad that my favorite game of all time was not put in this list. Astral Chain is one of the few games that I can say has very little wrong with it, while also having SOOOOOO MUCH GOOD WITH IT!!!! The various chimeras you fight are epic, the combat is just a beauty to behold, the cast of characters is surprisingly good with how most of them are just different skins of the player characters in looks, the final boss is hands down my absolute favorite final boss, the post game cases do a really good job of keeping you invested, the files are really great to go back through, and so much more. Astral Chain is actually the first game that isn't a metroidvania game that I did a completionist run of. That's how much I love this game. It was a brutal time getting everything done, but it felt soooo good to land that killing blow on Aether after dying to her about 25 times. Astral Chain is a game I hold dear to my heart and will always enjoy going back to. When a sequel for the game gets announced, I will get on my knees and scream HALLELUJAH to the heavens. There's so much more I can say to praise Astral Chain, but that would turn this into a five page essay.

  3. Prob would include marvel ultimate alliance 3 in there (i know some players don't like it but switch exclusivity + marvel stuff + big replayability coz of tons of characters + fun coop game might merit a spot on the list).

  4. Good list
    games you could add in the next list are: Nier automata, River city girls, HuntDown, Ganryu 2: Hakuma Kojiro, The Ninja Saviors Return of the Warriors, Okinawa Rush

  5. Solid list with some incredible games on here. I suppose Astral Chain isn't on here since you usually put it in your action rpg videos. Check out Ultra Age though it's a banger (better on other consoles tho)

  6. The Ori games are just immaculate. It’s so hard to put into words, but they were so immersive and heartfelt. They are both truly special.

    Bayonetta, by contrast, feels so powerful and cool to control. Dodging an attack to activate witch time and having the clock sound effect going on while I decimated a huge monster felt epic.

  7. I was watching and listening to this list as I got ready for work, so I may have missed something. But how is the DMC collection not on here. And how is the Ninja Gaiden collection not on here. I also personally think no more heroes 1-3 should've being 1 spot as a package and would've also like to see Darksiders Genesis and Ultra Age on here. I would've took off some of those platformers and added the games I mentioned. And for those who don't know what Ultra Age is. Check out some footage. It's an indi hack n slash action game that you can get for $20 I believe and be completed in 7 to maybe 10 hrs. Depending on how much you die

  8. ???? Mario Odyssey huh, what's this the Game Awards nominees. Got kinda overlooked, but I enjoyed Daemon X Machina and Oninaki on the Switch. The former being one of the best looking games on the console imo.

  9. Great list OJ and I’m excited to see you finally cross that Silver Play button threshold soon! Been watching your content for a couple years now and met you at TMG last summer and appreciated how cool you were with fans.


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