20 Personal Favorite Wii Games part 1 (20-11)


After many pushbacks, changes, indecisions, audio glitches, and missed deadlines, the first part of the Wii roster is finally over. I’ll start thinking about Part 2 right away, but there are a few games I need to catch up on first. Enjoy. 🙂 .



  1. My Opinion ( Part 1 )
    20: Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite All-Stars
    19: De Blob
    18: Epic Mickey
    17: Wii Sports
    16: No More Heroes
    15: Mario And Sonic: London 2012 Olimpic Games
    14: Wii Party
    13: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
    12: Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
    11: Mario Kart Wii

  2. Hang on. You haven't unlocked everything in Mario Kart Wii? Wow. Well, not all of us have a lot of free time. I unlocked everything in a week at most.

  3. Dawn of the New World might play well, but man oh man. Those characters and that story turned me away from not only the Tales series, but anime in general for a good number of years.

  4. Honestly, while the motion controls are very nice and the pointer controls make it much easier to get headshots, when you try to move around the camera, it feels very clunky to me but, that’s just my opinion.

  5. @csjzero01 Dude it is the first time I subscribe to a chanel. Your content was just too good and well made. Nice work! Especially your sarcastic remarks and jokes make it very enjoyable.

  6. right now i had the Wii for years, AND I HAVE ONLY 3 GAMES ONLY 3, and the 3 is super smash bros brawl,sonic colors, and the legend of zelda:skyward sword

  7. 20. i hate Roll
    19. never played it
    18. Looks awesome
    17. No system is complete without Warioware
    16. it was alright
    15. oh remember playing this
    14. maybe i'll play re 4 someday
    13. i need play the triology someday
    12. hmm
    11. oh yeah


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