21 Best Super Nintendo Games (SNES)


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  1. As many of you have rightly pointed out, Earthbound is NOT in fact available through Nintendo Switch Online. The party responsible for this error (Admiral Beans) has been reprimanded accordingly.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  2. I was born in 84 ,grew up with the NES, and the SNES.. and I never called it the "Ssnezz" ..
    It's called the S.N.E.S. or the SUPER NINTENDO. please stop saying the abbreviation as a word.. I hate that. Am I the only one ?

  3. Not saying they should be on the list but two games I enjoyed were Aladdin and Magical Quest with Mickey Mouse. Two fun adventure games that Disney did with capcom that I would always play. Aladdin is part of a Disney collection with lion king on switch I think magical quest never was ported just on snes

  4. Yoshi's island is the first game I remember ever playing and it’s kept a special place in my heart. I’m kind of surprised Kirby Super Star did not make the list, the coop alone in that game always kept it at hand. Great video!

  5. What we know today as a zelda game. Aka Zelda on nintendo 64 ????

    Also i have some emulator on the comp and yeah i played turtles but it was dumb hard and swapping the difficulty made no difference. Quiet weird. I have a controller for compupter. Sad that i really cant play snes cause there are no good emulators. Or are there?

    To add. Super mario world i played so much that i even got bored of it. Must have been perhaps 1000hours?

  6. OK, Am I the only one that cringes when NES and SNES are pronounced like a word? “Nes” (or “Nez”) and “Snes” instead of each letter said?? I never heard it called those back in the day.


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