25 Best Nintendo Published Games on Switch


The Nintendo Switch has been out for half a decade now, so I think it’s time to look back at some of the best Nintendo games we’ve gotten over the years. I choose 5 games released by Nintendo each year, making it an overview of 25 different Nintendo games. It was quite difficult to narrow down the list to just 25 games, so there are so many that I had to omit! Feel free to leave a comment on the games you liked the most! Support my channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chuyplays Join the Haken Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/wJTCMRK Find Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast on podcast platforms here: https:/ /anchor .fm/haken-an-animal-crossing-podcast Follow Chuy on… Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChuyPlaysNTDO https://www.instagram.com/chuyplaysntdo/ Twitch: http://www .twitch .tv/chuyplaysnintendo .



  1. Pokemon Legends Arceus
    Metroid Dread
    Warioware Get It Together
    Mario Party Superstars
    Mario Golf Super Rush
    Animal Crossing New Horizons
    Browser's Fury
    Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
    Clubhouse Games
    Super Mario 3D All Stars
    Fire Emblem Three Houses
    Super Mario Maker 2
    Ring Fit Adventure
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Tetris 99
    Pokemon Sword & Shield
    Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee
    LOZ: Breath of the Wild
    Splatoon 2
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Mario Odessy

  2. This style of video REALLY suits you Chuy! 😀 love the cam sections and how easy the voiceover parts were to follow. I regret not playing through Odyssey… I might have to get it now….
    Really looking forward to your follow-on videos!

  3. Chuy directly speaking to us is the therapist we never knew we needed. This was such a comprehensive yet easily watchable video! For real, the way you described each game had me going "OMG I want to play that!" before remembering I already beat most of them. Also, RELEASE THE MARIO GOLF FAN FICTION!!! It deserves to be published in a fancy leatherbound tome kept above an equally fancy fireplace.

  4. What a great list! Some of my personal favorite games that I played on the Switch are Animal Crossing New Horizons (obviously^^), Zelda BotW, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy, Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade DE. Not console exclusive but also great games are Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4 as well as Ys 8, Lacrimosa of Dana, all from Falcom! Now I need some more time to be able to play Dragon Quest 11, Bravely Default 2 and SMT V. Too many great games, not enough time!

  5. When you’re listening to one of the old podcast episodes and wish there were more and then Chuy reads my mind and drops a video! Yesss!

    Edit: as a cosy gamer of course my favorites are: ACNH, garden story, cozy grove, stardew valley, and breath of the wild! ?


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