3 Of The BEST Shooter Games I've Ever Played


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  1. The best thing about Singularity is that it had multiple endings. The bad thing was that only your last decision counted. You could replay from the last save and get all endings with only one playthrough.

  2. Oooh I completely agree. Little less on Singularity which was a fun game but nothing that stands out. Bulletstom was hella fun however 😀 Definetly need to go through that again. And SpecOps The Line… man… just… I bought the game few years back when I saw it on Steam Sales and boy… even a full tripleA price for this short game would be justified by the story of this title!

  3. You should try out timeshift. The plot twist is amazing and time manipulation is fun. Sadly, i feel like it never got the attention it deserved because it was when COD was in its prime

  4. I would add some hidden gems too, which are actually more of a hidden gems than your suggestions ( no offense but they are still quite known): Timeshift – pretty much half life 2 with time powers. It was an awesome game and still holds up graphically, not to mention the gameplay. The problem was that it came out at worst time possible for games with lesser marketing – 2007, meaning it mostly got shoved under the rug. Thee Precursors – FPS-RPG-SPACE SIM hybrid game which tried to be No Man's Sky way before No Man's Sky existed in 2009 and did it well. The problem is that it's an ukranian small dev game which got no publicity in the west what-so-ever, in addition to shoddy english version, which has been patched around by wesp5 ( yes, THAT wesp5). And last but not least, little more well known games, is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Can't recommend it enough – incredibly atmospheric, harsh wasteland-like zone which makes Fallout wastelands seem like pussyland, awesome gameplay, and HARD, being pretty much the Datk Souls of FPS.

  5. Damn… Singularity, what a game. Not many people know about it, but it is glorious. Totally recommend it.
    The only bad thing about Spec Ops the Line, is that it has been out long enough that most people already know some thing about its twist. Dont get me wrong, the game is awesome, but given its marketing campaing, we all were pretty surprised at what happens.


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