30 Of The Best PC VR CO OP Games


Here are 30 of the best PC VR CO OP games available right now, not all of them, so if you think I’ve been good CO OP games for PC VR let me know in the comments. Complete list below: Phasmaphobia Warplanes: WW1 Fighters Rec Room Zero Caliber Propogation VR The Forest Arizona Sunshine Payday 2 Windlands 2 Downward Spiral: Horus Station Onward Pavlov Karnage Chronicles Gun Heart Serious Sam 3 VR Dead Effect 2 VR Seeking Dawn VR Dungeon Knight Battlewake Carly and the Crisis Reaperman VRigade Ironwolf VR Jet Island No Mans Sky Raw Data Vox Machinae Zomday Landfall from other Stormland suns.



  1. I just want to say that I recognized the Dirt Rally menu theme around the 4 minute mark. It took me a while to figure out why it was so familiar, but then I heard the co-driver in my head.

  2. 1 – Warplanes: WW1 Fighters = Is very Fun.. 1 of my fav games.

    2 – Rec Room = Sucks, Bunch of little kids that will try to ruin your fun.

    3 – Zero Caliber =Awesome Fun.

    4 – Propagation VR =Scary Fun. Love it.

    5 – The Forest = Fun.

    The others I haven't tried yet.

  3. fuck oculus and their hardware exclusivity. you would think that with VR being predominantly a PC thing right now shit like that wouldn't happen outside of sony's usual bullshit but no, facebook are bastards no matter what business they stick their greedy little fingers in

  4. Awesome video, so much memories and makes me want to jump in again :-). I am working on a similar video so I have some more suggestions for you ;):
    In the list I missed echo arena and brass tactics from the exclusives. Also there is Star Wars Squadrons, ED2, War Thunder, Contractors, War Dust, we were here, Sprint vector, Trickster, Bloody Zombies, Elven Assasin, Electronauts, Tower Tag, Keep talking and nobody explodes, baam squad, hyperdash, minecraft, War Dust, Star trek bridge Crew, cloudlands 2, population one, Kings graffiti, and I bet there are a lot more :)…

  5. I just finished the entire Single Player Campaign of Surv1v3 and it can be played on Coop for 3 players.
    In my humble opinion is the best Zombie Apocalypse game that is so far on VR. Even as an Indie is pretty much amazing with nasty surprises on different levels, big maps, original objectives and good original tense gameplay. The Persistence is a very good full 100% game, very polished to be played with gamepad and allows assymetric coop with a second player using a phone to guide and assist with doors/traps to the other player.

  6. When I think "PC VR CO-OP" I think games like Keep Talking and No one dies, Eye in Sky, or the new Battlegroup VR.
    These are games where having 2 people, but a single VR system is still fun.
    Single Computer with a VR headset: One person uses the PC, and the other uses the VR headset.
    How many games on this list fall under that category?


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