3DS Games & System Prices Are Going Up Out Of Nowhere


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  1. Blame collectors. These nerds that hoard more video games than they can possibly play means increased prices for normal people who will actually play the games. I just modded my 3ds to play roms for this exact reason. Sad that everything with video games has to be about hoarding and making money now.

  2. for some title the price isn't the only problem, the real problem is that i can't found the games anywere, for example yokai watch 3 USA, the fucking game is like it never exist in the first place. (physical version)

  3. It actually kind of worries me. I still play my new 3DS XL all the time, and lost the first one I had in a house fire. I got another one, but if something happens to this one, I probably couldn't justify spending $500 to rebuy the same one I have 🙁


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