5 graphically impressive Nintendo DS games 4: Remakes & Ports – minimme


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  1. ridge racer ds was terrible compared to ridge racer psp. I had both at the same time, and the difference is ridiculous:
    psp has 60 fps
    psp has MUCH better graphics
    psp has MUCH better gameplay that is smooth, responsive, and the collisions are the same functionality as they are visually (not the case for ds)
    psp has MUCH more content, has tracks from various previous ridge racer games, and an excellent soundtrack
    psp has a turbo boost mechanic

    I immediately sold RRds after i got the psp version.

  2. lufia 2 could have gotten a treatment similar to the ys 1 and 2 remakes and sticked to the original script and it would have been great. If anything, lufia 1 was the game that deserved a remake.

  3. It's a shame that Ridge Racer DS is almost impossible to 100% because of the lack of a rear view mirror, making some of the final car duels a crapshoot. Other than that, it was a good port of a fun game.

  4. That last title when scaled up looks AMAZING for a DS game! The textures are so hi res and detailed, that's not something you see often on DS games at all!

  5. Minimme's Not honorable mentions.
    Super mario 64 ds
    The legendary starfy
    Pokemon heart gold & soul silver
    Diddy kong racing
    Kirby super star ultra.
    Special Message by minimme for nintendo.
    Minimme says,:nintendo sucks.
    I say, :Minimme sucks, you suck,everyone sucks!Asdfghjkl

  6. a game on the DS where the cars are static single polygonal blocks is graphically impressive? I mean I know it's the 4th run of this and you're probably scratching at the bottom of the barrel but that one looks really bad especially for the DS.

  7. I'm kinda interested in in you ever got around to playing more of Flower, Sun, and Rain and what you thought of it. I never finished it myself, it's an interesting game for sure, but the head hurting number based puzzles were just too much for me and felt like a chore to play.


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