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  1. I'd like to point out too that ATV Wild Ride got a 3DS remake as well. I just wish they got to port Dementium II.

    Every last one got the remaster treatment except that game…
    And it's also really novel yet wacky to even see that some DS games ported to 3DS when it's already backwards compatible lol. Really cool though and the textures being refined whatever extra polish is just really neat. So way to go Renegade Kid.

  2. God, seeing transformers decepticons brought back a ton of memories. I remember I used to play this game with my brother, and we had this little inside joke because of it where we'd yell "Jerry! That's not a car, Jerry!" Whenever my character would run down the road while in decepticon form. It's nice to see the game appreciated for what it was

  3. Sad to say but if you want solatorobo, your going to have to cough up a pretty penny for this one as this usually goes upwards to $300 CIB or $100 loose. Not to mention its important that if you really want it then go for an American copy as it has some of the dlc already installed unlike the European and Japanese versions. And no the dlc can't be reinstalled as the support for it was shut down on the Dsi a very long time ago

  4. Have you ever tried out Spectrobes? I remember being very impressed with all the different monsters in 3d when I was clambering for that from pokemon all the way back on the DS.

  5. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker is one of the more impressive games graphically speaking on the DS and I don't recall that ever being on your lists so there you go if you are doing another installment in this series.

  6. I know the DS from 2004 was innovative and impressive but what I've seen on your channel…OMFG, some games look like early PlayStation 2 games. Also, Metroid Prime Hunters (showed at E3 2004) is very impressive. I owned the demo version which came with my purchase of the original Nintendo DS. Astonishing!


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