5 Tricks And Tips To Make Your NEW Nintendo Switch BETTER!


Today we are talking about some hidden Nintendo Switch features and things to make your new Nintendo Switch experience better!

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  1. All these recommendations for the control grips, honestly they're not great. I've tried a whole bunch of them and in my opinion they are rubbish especially the Hori split pad which has no vibration motors. The one that I would recommend is the NexiGo Gripcon Gen 2 which is fantastic.

  2. yeah i cannot play with my joycons attached to the switch, even if I'm just in my room chilling. weird cause I'm used to the weight of the wii u, that's how I learned to use joysticks and that's how I played botw, but I just use the little holder that turns them into a controller every time, whether my switch is docked or not

  3. The MTU size "hack" is a good one, as long as you know exactly the MTU size, which your network is operating on. To get it not that technical: If you're having a carrier which provides you Internet via IPv6: Do not change the MTU to a size, which IPv6 cannot handle anymore (1500 as Framesize can be to large). In bad cases, your provider is dropping your packets leaving in connection loss. So, only modify the MTU size, as long as you know, what you're doing there.

  4. I just got the OLED version yesterday and one of the first things I did was to test internet speeds both on wireless and wired.
    I saw some videos that talk about how Nintendo has screwed up the UPLOAD speed on the OLED, but download is excellent and fast then non OLED models.

    Well, sure 'nuff!

    The download is very close to the max, but upload was bouncing between 7 and 8.7 Mbps, just like in the videos.
    While the non OLED models have uploads almost the same as downloads (40Mbps, 50Mps, 30Mbps).

    Of course, with a slow upload speed, when playing online, that's going to cause lag (mostly for others in the game).

    I sure hope that Nintendo addresses and fixes this with an update.

    Changing MTU to 1500 doesn't make any diff on that upload speed. Sadly.

  5. Also a tip, buying physical copies of games save you money AND space. On the eshop games go for the original release price while in stores or online you can find physical copies of games for half of the original price. The only disadvantages is having to wait to get the game until you reach the store or the it gets shipped from online (which is only 1-5 days usually) and switching out the games from the port everytime you wanna play anything else. Personally, I regret buying games from the eshop so i learned my lesson.

  6. i actually found holding the switch as intended no accessories or nothing just the normal joycons it was actually really comfotable, even though i have slightly large hands it still felt nice to hold.

  7. See I always found the Nintendo switch microSD on Amazon on sale so I ended up getting a $128 GB for less than 20 and I got a 256 GB one for less than 40 and they were cheaper than the ones I was looking at at the time

  8. The MTU tweak suggestion is like saying Size 10 shoes are better than size 9. It all depends on the size your feet.
    And in this case it depends on your internet connection. Sometimes changing the MTU to higher might even hamper the download speeds. For me for example changing MTU to 1500 actually doubles my download times.
    The internet is filled with guides on how to check the optimal MTU for the connection you are using.


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