7 Best Games For Working Out At Home


If, like us, your step counters have been reduced to tracking your trips between the fridge and the sofa, there is hope! For those of you who fancy a little more physical activity within the confines of your home, there are plenty of games you can play right now to get off the couch and get moving. In a new video, Jess McDonell reviews some of the best games you can play right now to help get your heart rate up, including Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure for Switch (if you can find a copy!), Fitness Boxing, Just Dance, and the VR game that makes you feel like John Wick, Pistol Whip. Be sure to watch the full video to see all of the games we recommend to help you sweat at home. .



  1. I love Ringfit adventure! It's the reason I bought a switch because it's hard to find an active game. It works for me and I'm glad it has a lot of levels

  2. Thanks for checking this one out guys! I'm going to be honest, I'm still on my couch more often than not but a few minutes of some ACTUAL activity does seem to do me good haha. Hope you're all keeping well!

  3. Best Game For Working Out At Home: Actually working out instead of getting distracted by motion-control games, lol. It's the same whether it's Wii games or VR games. They are fine for light cardio but a real workout is much more effective and much more efficient in terms of time spent.

  4. Why games when dumbbells and other fitness products are much more effective? I'm enjoying the bow a lot recently, your arms get strong from the drawing and more precise for a steady aim. Or try knife throwing, can be frustrating at first and takes a lot of practice but if you master it it's a lot of fun

  5. After couple weeks of just sitting in front of the computer i played few rounds of Pistol Whip and oh boy, my legs were sore for the next 4 days. Love that game!

  6. The best work out games are the multiplayer ones that have lobbies and queue times.
    Hit "join" or "fight" or whatever, and then crank out max push ups during the "looking for matches" load screen.
    Play your match then queue back up. Now do squats. Play your match then do sit-ups, then lunges etc etc.
    Jacked gaming!


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