7 Best NEW Games To Play In November 2022


Back once again, checking out some of the best games to come this month, let’s get to it! Thanks to V Rising for sponsoring this video, Play V Rising for free this Halloween here: https://bit.ly/3F8VFpk SPOILERS BELOW!!! 00:00 Best New PC Games Coming November 2022 02:07 Harvestella (PC, Switch) – November 4 03:53 God of War Ragnarok (PS) – November 9 06:11 Valkyrie Elysium (PC, PS) – November 11 07:38 Goat Simulator 3 (PC, PS, Xbox) – November 17 09:17 Evil West (PC, PS, Xbox) – November 22 11:02 World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (PC) – November 28 13:45 Warhammer 40,000 : Darktide (PC) – November 30 More Games: 16:50 Die by the Blade (PC, PS, Xbox) – November 3 17:28 The Entropy Center (PC, PS, Xbox) – November 3 17:52 Sonic Frontiers (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch) – November 8 6:41 p.m. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 (PC, PS, Xbox) – November 16 6:50 p.m. The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (PC, PS, Xbox) – November 18 18 :57 Gungrave GORE (PC, PS, Xbox) – November 22 Early Access: 7:10 PM Kingshunt (PC) – November 3 7:15 PM Soulstone Survivors (PC) – November 7 7:23 PM Thanks for watching! #NewGames #PC #UpcomingGames .




    Awesome game!!!

    Edit: I wrote this comment before i got to the end of the video, to which I found you actually mentioned soulstone survivors!!! Such a good game lol

  2. So either you lied about not having friends to play Goat Sim 3 with, or you lied about having friends to play WoW with. Haha, J/K, keep up the great content. You're one of the few game channels I enjoy. ????

  3. I hate all these games. I want a game like Ark Survival Evolved but without the lag. Anyone make a survival, base building, bow and arrow crossbow NO MORE FUCKING GUNS GDMIT, pet's that do something important, collect your feces type game. Other no no no no no no no you are not getting my money rot in hell developers NO I would rather f'ing die that pay you one penny for shit I do not want to play! Fuck off devs!

  4. It's been some years now I go from one game to another, spending more time anticipating the next game than actually enjoying anything. I have evolved now to just watch videos like this one.


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