A Friendly Story | FRAG Pro Shooter Teaser


Gather around the campfire ? as we tell the story of two best friends. ? ? ICYMI: WHAT TO WATCH NEXT? ? Indoor Monkey Contest | FRAG Pro Shooter ? https://bit.ly/InnerMonkeyContest (deadline: 08/04) Top 10 Pro Tips | How to become a pro in FRAG! ? https://bit.ly/FRAGTopTips __________ ? Your weekly gift code is here! (Valid until August 9) https://bit.ly/KANIHV_FPS __________ ? Download FRAG Pro Shooter for FREE: https://app.adjust.com/a3gmoqu​​​ __________ Let’s Get Social! Follow FRAG Pro Shooter! ► Facebook: https://facebook.com/FRAGTheGame​​​/ ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/FRAGProShooter​​​/ ► Instagram: https://instagram.com/stanohbibi​​​/ ► TikTok : http://vm.tiktok.com/PBtU4S​​/ ► Discord: https://discord.gg/fragproshooter​​​/ __________ Only the best can dominate the crazy FRAG Arena! Get ready to take charge of a futuristic world ruled by the spirit of competition. Developed by Oh BiBi, FRAG Pro Shooter is the most fun and intense multiplayer game ever made for mobile! WIN 1v1 AND 2v2 BATTLES IN REAL TIME ☛ Join over 70 million players worldwide! ☛ Challenge 1 or 2 of your friends in fast and intense shooting confrontations! ☛ Build unique decks that match your playstyle from over 90 characters! CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAMEPLAY ☛ Control any character in 1st or 3rd person shooter views. ☛ Upgrade and upgrade your favorites to make them even stronger! ☛ Switch between characters and use their special abilities to surprise your opponent! DISCOVER FUN MODES AND MAPS ☛ Compete in themed events for exclusive prizes. ☛ Participate in crazy modes and show different strategies depending on the environment. ☛ Conquer the leaderboards for cool rewards and eternal fame! CHOOSE YOUR STYLE ☛ Discover interesting stories and decide who deserves to be encouraged… ☛ Customize your characters with hundreds of awesome skins! ☛ Collect the funniest holotags to share laughs during battle! JOIN THE MOST FRIENDLY COMMUNITY AND BECOME A SUPERSTAR ☛ Join a club or create your own to fight for victory with your friends. ☛ Save and share your games and decks, and view others’ to improve your skills. ☛ Grow your fan base to become the most popular Fragger in the world! TIPS AND TRICKS: ► Characters you are not actively playing are AI controlled and fight automatically. ► You can still give commands to your AI characters by tapping on the bunkers. ► During 1v1 battles, you can switch between all 5 characters in your deck. ► During 2v2 battles, you can switch between 3 characters, out of a total of 6 in your team’s deck. ► Keep a steady attack on your opponent for plenty of points, but beware of ambushes! ► Check your Missions tabs daily for amazing rewards! #FragProShooter #MobileGame​​ #Teaser .



  1. this was the first time I was playing frag and I gotta say that this game is too good. There are too many reasons for its goodness but the major on e for me is that you can be the best player without using money which is very rare for a shooter game of this standard. just fix the mismatch issue plz, I just got matched with a player with 3200 base points while I had 1600


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