Adding PSP and Nintendo DS Games to Playstation Classic on Project Eris


Are you looking to support me? Like, share and subscribe to the channel! You can also donate here: This video shows you how to charge standalone ports for PPSSPP PSP Emulator and Nintendo DS Drastic Emulator. The games that I demo in the video are: PSP God of War Chains of Olympus Kingdom Hearts Metal Gear Ac! D Nintendo DS Pokemon HeartGold Mario Kart DS Ultimate Mortal Kombat New Super Mario Bros. Links below: How to install Project Eris: https: // Project Eris Download: Project Eris Mods: -mods / Don’t have the tools you need? Canada: Playstation Classic: OTG Adapter (Multi USB): Wi-Fi adapter: Sandisk Cruzer 128GB 2.0 – https : // Sandisk Cruzer 64 GB USB – Sandisk Cruzer Micro 32 GB 2.0 – Gigastone 16 GB USB – https: // amzn. to / 2VXkQCb USB powered HUB: USA: Playstation Classic: OTG Adapter (Multi USB): Wi- Adapter Fi: https: // Sandisk Cruzer 128 Go 2.0 – Sandisk Cruzer 64 Go USB – SanDisk Cruzer 32 Go Micro 2.0 – https: // Gigastone 16 GB USB – USB Powered HUB: UK Playstation Classic: OTG adapter ( Multi USB): https: // Wi-Fi adapter Sandisk Cruzer 128 Go 2.0 – Sandisk Cruzer 64 GB USB – t SanDisk Cruzer 32 GB Micro 2.0 – Gigastone 16 GB USB – USB Powered HUB: https: // #ProjectEris #ModMyClassic #Restalgia.



  1. Hello, i m following you for a long while. İ set up project eris application for ps classic, featly. Aplication succed in loading game. But when i open the game in mode of ppsspp, computer screen is freezing and sound is cuttting.( For instance in god of war or tekken 6) i changed the all settings in graffic settings, but there is no solution. I didnt find any solution. Could you please give me a link or any video for this problem? Thank you

  2. I followed the instructions perfectly . . . I downloaded Drastic and PPSSPP, moved them to the correct folders, but PPSSPP doesn't show up on the Project Eris "homepage" and I can't play psp or ds games through Emulation Station either. I'm also unable to connect to a Network AND my ps1 games don't show up in the Carousel, rather I have to access them in the Transfer folder in Retroarch. Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  3. Does anyone know how solve this problem, I'm Using project eris on my playstation classic and recently I installed the ppsspp however everytime I go to the main menu of the ppsspp the size of the menu does not fit into my tv screen, what I mean is that, is not the same size of my tv and I can't see some of the menu tabs.

  4. so I keep having an issue when using a ps4 controller when I put inputs to configure the controls for the sticks sets the controls for both sticks like for example I put the settings menu to left on my left stick but when I hit left on my right OR left stick it takes me to the menu it also labels the button as HAT instead of AXIS? please help me additionally it will not let me register of the analog buttons or the "push" feature for the analog stick

  5. Hey I have a question concerning the PSP emulator…I was wondering once I change my control configuration to PS4 settings and change my load up screen for the psp emulator to autoboot can I have my PS4 controller automatic hooked up to my PlayStation classic when I 1st turn on my PlayStation classic….I don't have a USB adapter yet I just have the regular PlayStation classics controllers and my PS4 Controllers


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