All Need For Speed Games on DS


The Series of Need for Speed ​​Video Game for Nintendo DS List: 01.Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 02.Need for Speed: Most Wanted 03.Need for Speed ​​Carbon: Own the City 04.Need for Speed ​​ProStreet 05.Need for Speed: Undercover 06.Need for Speed: Nitro You can tell if I miss any of the games in this video Emulator: Drastic DS Game Playlist: / playlist? list = PL_xukH-4kysyBB-nyCfJVLYsiNKIVtDuu Need For Speed ​​Game playlist:



  1. In my opinion:
    1. Undercover (I've the original game)
    2. Nitro ❤ (the first one I played, so nostalgic)
    3. Carbon
    4. Pro Street (original game, too)
    5. Undergrand 2
    6. Most Wanted (very disappointing ?)

  2. TBH, it was too early to have NFS Games released on NDS in 2004. So, here are my top favorite NFS DS games.
    1. NFS Carbon
    2. NFS ProStreet
    3. NFS Undercover (Haven’t played it)
    4. NFS Nitro (Haven’t played it)
    5. NFS Underground 2 (Too early to be released on DS)
    6. NFS Most Wanted (More like most unwanted DS Game)

  3. I used to play carbon all the time, I remember I used to spin the car really hard at the end of each race because the AI did it lol. Pro street is another one everytime I crashed or hit other cars I would restart because I didn't want to pay for the repair and leave my car messed up.

  4. If you all thought the 2012 version of NFS: MW was bad on Wii U, you clearly haven't seen the 2005 version of NFS: MW on DS. HOLY SHIT IT'S BAD. Sure, we haven't played it, but just looking at the gameplay is just. NO

  5. Who was driving in these videos?? I drove better in the GBA version of NFS Most Wanted!
    Based on graphics and vehicle handling shown in this video, it looks like Carbon wins, followed by Undercover, and then Underground 2. Most Wanted and Nitro look like disasters. And I know I'll catch hell for saying this, but I didn't enjoy ProStreet very much. Need For Speed + racing exclusively on tracks = Effing pointless. I guess I should go buy Carbon, Undercover, and Underground 2 and figure out which ones to keep.


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