All Nintendo Wii U Games In One Video [Retail + eShop]


-Complete collection of every Nintendo Wii U game released on disc plus everything on the eShop;
-If you don’t want to go through all the indies from the eShop check out this cut version containing only retail releases:

-Feel free to ask details about games or suggest new lists;

*normal title = retail release
*italic = downloadable only

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  1. You should think of remaking this video soon. It'd be nice to know where each game was available from. Games like the Yakuza 1&2 HD pack were only released in Japan for example. Of course I'm here now because the Wii U EShop is shutting down.

  2. it had 2 advantages free online play and previous gen games nintendo should of made the console more powerful like the xbox one and ps4 and just keep releasing games for it and make games you can use the gamepad for like mario maker i bought it i played smash bros in hd on my smart tv i bought the other exclusives im still collecting them its not a failed console it just didnt sell as much and wasnt good enough but it still had great exclusives the virtual boy was a failed console the nokia ngage was a failed phone they can still release games for it they just need games that are not on other platforms i have ideas for games its still a wii with HD it can run wii games as well


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