ALL Pokemon DS Games on One Cartridge?


ALL Pokemon DS Games on One Cartridge? Ebay sells this for less than $20, and I review this cartridge. Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Black and White 1 and 2, all Pokemon DS Games on this single cartridge.

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  1. So the one's who are wondering if its illegal to buy the card(180in one) let me explaine becase the ds is discontinued that means that there not releasing games and if there not releasing games for the ds that means no profit from second hand sales so technecly yeah you can buy it and yes nitendo normaly will not come to your house.

  2. I bought this when this video came out. It worked splendidly for the longest time but now it’s stopped. My 3ds doesn’t read the cartridge anymore. I might just buy another copy because even if it dies within 2 years it’s still worth it for 12-20 pounds

  3. I tried to find this on eBay and I searched the exact thing you had shown but I couldn’t find it but I think that might be because I’m watching this two years after this video came out. I wish they still had a listing though because I recently got a DS and I don’t have enough money to buy official Pokémon games. Also the link you have in the description doesn’t work anymore.


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