All Transformers Games on DS


The Series of Transformers Video Game for Nintendo DS List: 01.Transformers 02.Transformers Animated: The Game 03.Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 04.Transformers: War for Cybertron 05.Transformers: Dark of the Moon 06.Transformers Prime: The Game You can tell if I missed any of the games in this video Emulator: DS Drastic Game Playlist: Playlist of the Transformers game: https: // m.



  1. I Had Transformers Prime & Transformers Decepticons (which is not listed here) on my R4 Sadly Prime never wanted to Boot up. Forcing me to play Decepticons. But I liked it too and i Completed it (it was hard sometimes)


  2. I swear there's a transformers game where I can only describe it as "fire emblem but transformers". It was on the ds but I can't find what I'm looking for can anyone help me?

  3. What i hate about transformers is they somehow manage to make it worse every new series, whether it be game, tv or toys. 2007 transformers, war for cybertron & revenge of the fallen out of all the titles were the best by far. Played well, combat was a joy & the multiplayer was almost like a game of its own. Shame a lot of post-game content was locked behind an online-only exclusivity, a lot of my friends couldn't get the same stuff as i did due to being the only child with internet. No g1 starscream, no funky bus, nothing.


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