Anvil Gameplay Roguelike Top-Down Shooter HD


Anvil Vault Breakers CBT just started yesterday. The game gets really hard later on, you can actually get shot by bosses and mobs, especially in the 3 star difficulty regions. They enabled multiplayer today for those who want to try out the game with a friend. Anvil Vault Breakers Steam Page Please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! Cheers! Follow and AMA on Facebook! Latest news and reviews on my main site. My personal list of games for your phone or tablet. #Anvil #Roguelike #AnvilGame 00:00 Pew pew pew pew 00:05 Playable Characters 01:58 Remote Gameplay 07:56 Melee Gameplay Counter OP .



  1. Hey this looks neat, reminds me a lot of Killsquad, but with better mechanics and more interesting gameplay (and normalised audio), at least from what you've shown anyway. I'll have to check it out, cheers for the preview, this wasn't even on my radar!

  2. @steparu I love how you're a no nonsense gameplay. you show gameplay and push the games to their limit to show players what they can do. I think more youtubers need to be more like you. you let the players decided whether they want to like it or not just by how you push the games to there limits and how you play. you don't waste you time trying to convince someone about your opinions on a game. I love it! keep going step I love your videos, and have been a fan for a very long time.

  3. The mobile version is called "Gigantic X". Only manage to play a bit before the servers went down in the mobile version. The gameplay isn`t bad, game just lack content.

  4. And how do I find these games? If I don't see your channel I never find out, on Steam it is not that they are promoting it
    Oh by the way, thanks for your videos

  5. ''Just try and stop us'' Yeah, hopefully they get some more voice lines…Not sure about the roguelike either would prefer actual RPG progression which was a problem with Killsquad.


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