Balatro is being updated to Version 1.0.1 soon (patch notes)


Balatro has been a runaway success on the Nintendo Switch with its fiendishly addictive gameplay. Today, it has been announced that a new software update will be making its way onto the Switch fairly soon. The patch notes for Balatro Version 1.0.1 have already been published, giving us an indication of what to expect. Without further ado, here’s the Balatro update version 1.0.1 patch notes:

Added toggle for ‘Reduced Motion’, removing the swirly background and gyrating card motion

Changed default fallback tarot from Fool to Strength (when all tarots are on screen)

Changed Gold Stake random seeds – now ensures that the first Legendary Joker on that seed is a Joker that you have not won with on Gold Stake (For Completionist++ hunting)

Changed ante scaling in white stake:

Ante 3: 2800 -> 2000

Ante 4: 6000 -> 5000

Changed ante scaling in green stake:

Ante 2: 1000 -> 900

Ante 3: 3200 -> 2400

Ante 4: 9000 -> 7000

Changed ante scaling in purple stake:

Ante 2: 1200 -> 1000

Ante 3: 3600 -> 3000

Ante 4: 10000 -> 8000

Ante 5: 25000 -> 22000

Changed Orange Stake

Scrapped increasing pack cost

Added new ‘Perishable’ mechanic, Jokers have a 30% chance to have a ‘Perishable’ sticker, disabling them after 5 rounds

Changed Gold Stake

Scrapped -1 hand size

Added new ‘Rental’ mechanic, Jokers have a 30% chance to have a ‘Rental’ sticker (stacks with eternal/perishable), making them cost $1 up front and $3 every round

Changed eternal to apply to Jokers in Buffoon packs

Changed the first shop in every run to always include a normal Buffoon pack as one of the pack options

Upcoming blinds/tags can now be seen in the shop immediately after defeating a boss blind/cashing out

Some Blinds are now be banned on challenge runs – banned Crimson Heart, Verdant Leaf and Amber Acorn on ‘Jokerless’ – banned Verdant Leaf on ‘Typecast’ – banned Verdant Leaf on ‘Non-Perishable’ – banned The Plant on ‘Mad World’

Buffed Saturn

Now gives +3 mult instead of +2 mult for Straights

Buffed Neptune

Now gives +4 mult instead of +3 mult for Straight Flush

Buffed Eris

Now gives +50 chips instead of +40 chips for Flush Five

Buffed Ceres

Now gives +4 mult instead of +3 mult for Flush House

Changed Uncommon tag – Now makes the uncommon joker free

Changed Rare tag – Now makes the rare joker free

Negative, Polychrome, Holo, Foil tags all make their respective joker free

Changed Investment to give $25 instead of $15

Changed 8 Ball – scrapped old effect, new effect -> 1 in 4 chance to spawn a tarot when any played 8 is scored

Changed Blue Seal – now creates the planet card of the final poker hand played during the round

Changed both Mad and Clever Joker – scrapped ‘contains 4 of a kind’ effect, now applies instead to any hand that contains a ‘Two Pair’

Changed Yorick – scrapped old effect, new effect -> gains X1 mult every 23 cards discarded (starts at X1)

Changed Magician Tarot – now applies lucky to 2 cards instead of 1

Changed Midas Mask – now only applies Gold enhancement to scoring face cards, costs $7 was $6

Changed Vampire

now only removes enhancement from scoring cards

gives X0.1 mult per enhancement instead of X0.2 mult

Rare instead of Uncommon

Changed Madness – now only applies on small/big blinds, not on boss blind selection

Changed To Do list – poker hand no longer changes on payout, always changes at end of round (won’t get stuck on Straight Flush)

Changed description of Shortcut to include a more apt example (10 8 6 5 3)

Changed Ancient Joker – the selected suit is no longer able to repeat between rounds

Changed Swashbuckler – Now adds sell value of all other Jokers to Mult, not just the Jokers to the left

Changed Hanging Chad – Now retriggers the first played card 2 times instead of once

Changed Flower Pot – Now includes the base suit of debuffed cards when determining if it will trigger

Changed Bootstraps to include current mult bonus in description

Changed all 4 Sinful Jokers (one for each suit) – they now each give +3 mult per suit instead of +4 mult

Changed Banner – now gives +30 chips per remaining discard instead of +40 chips

Changed Fibonacci – costs $8 instead of $7, because Fibonacci

Changed Steel Joker – Now gives X0.2 mult per Steel card in full deck instead of X0.25 mult

Changed Odd Todd – Now gives +31 chips per odd ranked card instead of +30 chips

Changed Sixth Sense – Now uncommon and $6, was rare

Changed Hiker – Now gives +5 chips to every scoring card played instead of +4 chips

Changed Gros Michel – Now has a 1 in 6 chance to go extinct instead of 1 in 4

Changed Seance – Now uncommon and $6, was rare and $7

Changed Riff-Raff – Now $6, was $4

Changed Vagabond

Rare, was uncommon

$8, was $6

Applies when you have $4 or less, was $3 or less

Changed Cloud 9 – Now $7, was $6

Changed Mail-In Rebate – Now $5 was $3

Changed Reserved Parking – Now common, was uncommon

Changed Lucky Cat – Now gains X0.25 per lucky proc, was X0.2

Changed Trading card – Now costs $6, was $5

Changed Campfire – Now gains X0.25 per card sold, was X0.5

Changed Smily Face – Now give +5 mult per face card, was +4 mult

Changed Golden Ticket – Now payes out $4 per gold card played, was $3

Changed Bloodstone – Now has a 1 in 2 chance to proc, was 1 in 3

Changed Onyx Agate – Now gives +7 mult per club card, was +8 mult

Changed Glass Joker – Now gives X0.75 mult per glass card destroyed, was X0.5 mult

Changed Stuntman – Now gives +250 Chips, was +300

Changed Invisible Joker – Now requires 2 rounds and costs $8, was 3 rounds and $10

Changed Burnt Joker – Now is rare, was uncommon

Changed wording on most scaling jokers to refer to ‘this joker’

Fixed bug where opening a booster pack with hand size of 0 was unskippable

Fixed bug where the card generated by ‘Certificate’ was not being debuffed by the boss



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