Battle Soul: Sealed Memories – Unravel the Mysteries of Time and Memory in a Gripping Card RPG Adventure


Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey filled with mystery, heart-touching narratives, and strategic card battles. Battle Soul: Sealed Memories, an exciting new card RPG mobile game, offers players a unique and immersive experience set in a world where time and memories constantly reset. Developed by two passionate brothers, this indie gem draws inspiration from acclaimed titles such as Evertale, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra. Let’s delve into the captivating gameplay and features that make Battle Soul: Sealed Memories a must-play for RPG enthusiasts.

A Gripping Fantasy Sci-Fi Tale

Immerse yourself in the captivating story of Battle Soul: Sealed Memories, where a group of young individuals finds themselves trapped on an isolated island with time and memories that reset every 14 days. Determined to break free from this unending cycle, they embark on a heart-touching journey to unveil the dark truths that shroud their world. As you explore vast landscapes teeming with mysteries and hidden Easter eggs, the game presents the story in a visually stunning visual novel style, enhancing the immersive experience.

Life-Shattering Choices

In Battle Soul: Sealed Memories, the power of choice rests in your hands. Experience an epic struggle against fate as you make crucial decisions that have life-altering consequences. The multi-storyline RPG aspect of the game ensures that your choices shape the course of the narrative, leading to different outcomes and branching story arcs. Will you show mercy to your foes or choose a path of relentless determination? The choices you make will influence the world around you, adding depth and replayability to the game.

Strategic Card Battles

Prepare for intense tactical battles with Battle Soul: Sealed Memories’ unique and challenging card battle system. Build your deck by combining spells and monster companions, creating a formidable arsenal to face your adversaries. Employ creative tactics, exploit synergies, and unleash devastating combos to overcome formidable opponents. The real-time nature of the battles adds an extra layer of excitement, demanding quick thinking and precise decision-making to emerge victorious.

Recruit and Level Up Monsters

Forge bonds with a variety of monster companions known as [Souls] and enlist their aid in your battles. These Souls possess unique abilities that can turn the tide of combat in your favor. Recruit and nurture them, leveling them up to unlock even more powerful skills and unleash their full potential. The diversity of Souls adds depth to the gameplay, allowing for different strategies and playstyles.

Harvesting & Alchemy

Battle Soul: Sealed Memories offers a unique twist with its harvesting and alchemy mechanics. Engage in fun mini-games to collect valuable materials that can be used for crafting artifacts through alchemy. These artifacts provide additional boosts and bonuses when equipped, further enhancing your characters’ capabilities in battle. Explore the game’s world, uncover hidden resources, and master the art of alchemy to gain a competitive edge.

PvP and PvE Challenges

Put your strategic skills to the test in thrilling player-versus-player battles against opponents from around the world. Construct the ultimate deck, refine your tactics, and climb the ranks to prove your dominance. For those seeking PvE challenges, Battle Soul: Sealed Memories offers a variety of opponents to conquer, providing endless hours of engaging gameplay and progression.


You can download the game here for free:

Battle Soul: Sealed Memories captivates players with its enthralling blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and card-based RPG elements. Dive into a world where time and memories reset, unravel the dark truths of your existence, and make choices that shape your destiny. With its gripping narrative, strategic card battles, harvesting and alchemy mechanics, and PvP and PvE challenges, this is the perfect game for RPG enthusiasts.


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