Battlefield 2042 is actually great fun now…


Battlefield 2042 has had some fantastic improvements recently, so I came back with some friends to team up and laugh! Some news and updates too… ???? Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. .



  1. Why am I the only person that seems to realize that bf2042 servers are DEAD….can’t complete double earned points if you can’t get 16ppl in one server….let’s talk about the real and not the fluff for likes and views…

  2. Anyone know How to fix HitReg? Any tips? I'm still being killed from behind the wall, Thats annoying to me. I also noticed that my projectiles are not fully registered by the system and the enemy does not take as much damage as AI opponents on hard difficulty

  3. Sorry to say it Jack, and I dont hate if you like it, but it looks way better watching than playing. Ive tried over and over and its still ass. Maybe it is better, but when you get the best burger of your life, and then the next burger at the same place is mcdonalds quality, and the next is ass burgers…. its not just good in comparison.

  4. I bought the Gold Edition when it first launched and was utterly disappointed. NOWWW I just hopped back on during Season 4, and I'm really impressed. I got the Battlefield I hoped for when it first launched.


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