Battlefield 4 in 2021 Is The Best Game To Prepare for 2042!


Battlefield 2042 brought EVERYBODY back to BF4! #Battlefield # Battlefield4 # BF4.



  1. I absolutely love bf4. I mean bf1 is great for the immersion and bf5 is some good gunplay and all round just polished but I louve that gritty, sort of dirty warfare that is bf4. Keep the content coming good sir!! Its also crazy because im borderline a halo fanboy but nothing feels the way battlefield 4 feels

  2. gameplay like this inspires me to work on my positioning, also love they way u sniping man ur a machine i hope i get at this level at some point, i realy like agresive recon, cant wait for bf2042 damn it

  3. Alllll you cod noobs jumping on battlefield 4 I never left. The worst part is these morons aren’t playing the objective. I had to quit the other day bec my squad was a bunch of ranked tens just looking for kills. When eveyone in your squad is ranked over a 100 it’s gonna be a gonna game.

  4. I re downloaded it like 15 days ago and It’s been the only game I’ve been playing. Pull out my Bipod LMG and sit on top of hills destroying people ? battlefield let’s me feel like a true soldier unlike cod where it’s just a bunch of kids running around

  5. I’ve actually went back to practice on dog fighting and helicopter gameplays. I noticed a lot of servers are full now I’m guessing a lot of people are jumping back to practice too. Great gameplay as always man.

  6. The next battlefield is why I now own a series S.

    I would've gone for the X, but I'm fairly casual and don't worry to much over visual specs.

    Either way I'm loving BF4&1, I prefer 4 with a squad and 1 when I'm playing solo.. Great games!

  7. I've been gaming for about 40 years and the days of BF3, BF4 (especially) and Bad Company 2 were the best, never been anything come close since those days.
    BF2042 will have to be something really special

  8. Never tried Battlefield 4, downloaded on the PS5 and gave it a go with mixed feelings. Grabbed the premium access with discount on PC to try with my 3080 at high resolution. The difference is night and day, and the game looks and feels incredible. Had so much fun with BF4 last few days, but I definitely needed the increased customization of the game on PC to enjoy it properly.

  9. Are there any regular players on battlefield 4 on Xbox one or Xbox series X that would like to add me and play on a regular basis? I’m getting ready for the battlefield 2042, I would like to meet some good friends and have a lot of vehicle fun. Add me. JCT Ohio


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