Bazooka joe fish – Bazooka advertising game


Who is bazooka joe?

Bazooka joe is a comic character, that a lot of the older people probably know. In every bazooka chewing gum, there was a comic strip from the bazooka joe comics. Bazooka joe is one of the most known American advertising figures of the 20th century. Later they ended the comic strips but added codes into the chewing gums, with which you could unlock different games. That is how bazooka joe also got his own video games. One of these games is bazooka joe fish but there are also a few more like bazooka joe rapid rescue or bazooka joes a-maze-ing adventure. The bazooka candy was really successful with its good advertising. It wasn’t only bazooka joe with his comics and games, you also had different sayings in each chewing gum as you know them from fortune cookies and you could also win a for example a baseball cap if you got 500 bazooka comic strips.

Bazooka joe fish – the advertising game

The advertising games from bazooka joe are not the most complex or the best games, but they delighted many people back then. They are easy, free games that you can play in the browser. Most of them are also inspired by other well-known games and have only replaced some parts, such as bazooka joe and sweets. Bazooka joe rapid rescue for example is inspired by the donkey kong arcade game.

The game principle of Bazooka joe fish

In bazooka joe fish you have a screen with two shores and a river in the middle. There are boats and tree trunks which flow from the right and left side along the river. Bazooka joe has to walk over the obstacles and avoid the water. You have only three lives so be careful. The goal is to collect all of the items and start for example fishing to earn points. You don’t have to get to the other side like normally, you have to walk back and forth all of the time without falling into the water and you have to collect as many fish as possible.


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