Best Cooking Game? | Let's Play Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe Nintendo Switch


Best cooking game? | Let’s play Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe Nintendo Switch Welcome to a brand new series, Battle Chef Brigade on Nintendo Switch. In this thrilling table hunt match 3 brawler puzzle cooking game… (yes, that’s a mouthful!), We follow Mina on her quest to become a member of the elite Battle Chef squad. So come with us on our adventure on the way to the capital and in the Battle Chef tournament! Long live the Brigade! This is not a review of the Battle Leader Brigade, but a part of the Battle Leader Brigade on the Nintendo Switch. Hope you enjoy the battle boss brigade walkthrough with battle boss brigade gameplay and look forward to seeing you in the next video. — Don’t forget to like and subscribe to make this Let’s Play Battle boss squad game series a good time! You can find the rest of the playlist here: — Get involved on social media: — PRESS RELEASE Description Welcome to Victusia, where members of the elite Battle Chef brigade are revered for their ability to skillfully take down monsters and turn their kills into delicious food! But getting in is not easy; leaders across Victusia must compete for their place in a high stakes competition. Follow two contestants, Mina and Thrash, throughout their journey through the tournament. To become a brigadier, you will have to hunt monsters with combo-based attacks and prepare your freshly caught ingredients in puzzle-based cooking challenges to serve winning dishes to the judges, all as time goes by. History Battle Chef Brigade is the type of game you leave work to do, even though you didn’t know it at the time. The genesis of the game was in the common lunch breaks we took while coming up with game ideas for Trinket’s third title. These meals often took place around the television, which was always tuned to some cooking show. At one point we realized that a cooking game that did justice to the creative fire of talented chefs was far better than any ideas we had yet had. From there, we spent a lot of time prototyping the kitchen for Battle Chef Brigade. We wanted to create a mechanic that wasn’t just rote recipes and steps, but we weren’t really sure what that meant. While it took a lot longer than expected, each prototype was invaluable in determining which aspects of the kitchen could be nicely summed up into clear, fun mechanics and which were too clunky. On the programming side, we were able to continue to build on our years of experience in the industry. Incorporating new characters, foods, and chef challenges will be a straightforward process as we’ve been preparing for it from the start. We’ve invested a good deal of our time building a robust combat system that integrates with our animation tools. Our biggest remaining tasks relate to our hand-illustrated and animated art style. There are very few shortcuts for creating hand-drawn animations and environments. Our tools help streamline the process, but every boss and monster still takes Photoshop a lot of time! Features Play as two bosses, brought to life by colorful artwork and VOs, in a charming countryside that’s both old-fashioned brawl and puzzling, with a slight sprinkle of RPG progression on top. Welcome to Ziggy, the Undead Necromancer Leader, now playable in Local Multiplayer, Break the Dishes, Survival, and Free Play. Test your might against other brigadiers with the addition of local multiplayer! Play as Mina, Thrash, and even Ziggy in an epic battle where YOU make all the rules. Who will come out on top? Additional modes that test your culinary prowess: Restaurant Rush, Break the Dishes, and Survival Mode leaderboards let you show off your culinary creations. Improve your skills at your own pace in Free Play mode and find the ultimate culinary combination. Collect and enjoy the brilliant illustrations of Battle Chef Brigade in the art gallery. #AgeOfBoredom #Battle Chef Brigade #Nindies.



  1. We have a WINNER! Congratulations to Pewww Pewww, let me know your Twitter and I'll DM you the code. Thank you to everyone that commented, there was some great suggestions. I'll be doing some more comps soon, so keep a lookout for those on here and Twitter!

  2. Awesome video as always man! I've always wanted to try out Battle Chef Brigade. I'm a fan of anime, so I dig the style, plus it always looked like a fun game with diverse mechanics. I look forward to seeing you play! Also, for my Nintendo themed dish, it's going to have to be… WALUIGI JAMBALAYA!!

  3. Win a digital copy of Battle Chef Brigade. Simply leave a comment below this video with a Nintendo themed dish you would cook in the Battle Chef Brigade. Example: Cream of Toad Soup ? ?

    This is a US Switch eShop code, but remember anyone can get a US eShop account, so non-US people, still enter, you can still win the game! A winner will be selected at random on Sunday 27th January. Please follow me on Twitter (@ageofboredom) so I can DM the winner with the code. Code generously donated by @trinketstudios (please give them a follow on Twitter)


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