BEST DS Emulator for Pokémon (NOT DeSmuME) – How to get BEST Settings for MelonDS


Finally an update after my MANY years old DeSmuME Best Settings videos! – BEST DS EMULATOR FOR POKEMON – How to get BEST Settings for MelonDS

MelonDS DS Emulator Download:

DS BIOS Download:



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  1. It's a toss up between this one and DeSmuME. This one seems to have a better graphics engine? Is that what it's called? But, lacks the ability to assign save/load states to other buttons (controller) which DeSmuME does have. I'll just use both lol. I don't program so I have no idea. I hope they implement that into the emu someday. I'm trying to play DW4 right now with this emu. It would be so nice to assign save/load to (JO)Z+ and (JO)Z- instead of reaching for the keyboard lol. I'm a lazy gamer what can I say? Thanks for the video!!!

  2. This was very helpful, thanks. also thank you for including a link to the bios files, it makes it easier to find it rather trying to search the internet for it

    if i try playing multiple pokemon games at the same time using one controller, is there a setting or box that i need to check or uncheck so they will all sync up with each other. thanks

  3. For some reason everytime i try to save my pokemon game the emulator freezes can someone plz help im trying to migrate pokemon from gen 3 to gen 4 and anytime it saves the emulator freezes

  4. You've got upscaling, but you also have video artifacts on openGL for Platinum. You can see it when the camera pans over the square. I tried that and the quality really isn't good in many places.


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