BEST Farming Games You NEED to Play in 2022! | My Favorite Nintendo Switch & PC Farming Games


The best farming games to play in 2022 and the best farming games for beginners are combined into 1 video to help you find the next one to play. Farming games in 2022 are vying for our attention, so it was way overdue to finally create an ultimate farm games guide for 2022. Let me know what is YOUR farming game of all time! ????Game codes have been kindly provided for Rune Factory 5 (XSEED), Dinkum (James Bendon), Serin Fate (Crytivo), Immortal Life (2P Games), Verdant Skies (Howling Moon Software), Epic Chef (Team 17) and Staxel (Plukit)! ???? If my videos help you save money/find new gems, consider; ✨Get many perks like name in credits, early access to videos, exclusive posts and more by supporting me on Patreon: ✨Get unique badges, name in credits , emojis and more by becoming a member of the Bubbly channel: ????Let’s Chat; ➤ Discord community (ONLY if you are active + you are 18+): ➤ Twitter: ➤ Instagram: https://www.instagram . com/itsmissbubb… ➤ Business Email (for businesses only): ????If you liked this video, you’ll love one of these: ➤Dinkum Before You Buy: https:// com/watch?v=haIis8Ug_4U&list=PLNdh-ovGy7lf6ucCo0C2KSHjNZMAAls0I&index=3&t=6s ➤Rune Factory 5 Before you buy: t=154s ➤32 Upcoming farming and cozy games you should know about: ????Chapters: 00:00 Best farming games to play in 2022 00: 32 farming in Garden Paws 01:18 Space farm in Verdant Skies 01:49 The goodness of Chinese folklore in Immortal Life 02:27 The one who redeemed himself with Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town 03:27 Build it pixel-perfect village in Littlewood 04:16 If you like cooking and farming, then Epic Chef is for you 05:22 Should you choose My Time At Portia or Sandrock? 06:25 The graphically stunning Over There 07:22 A more agriculture-focused Minecraft in Staxel? 08:06 The one who brought the farming genre back to life, Stardew Valley 09:00 The love of 3DS farming in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns 09:56 Sun Haven, the magic farming game with dragons 11: 04 My favorite Rune Factory game 11:50 An Australian baby called Dinkum 12:47 My slightly less favorite Rune Factory game 13:41 A farming game spread over a generation Kynseed 14:39 The farming game that buries bodies as a caretaker 15:29 The medieval dynasty that more people HAVE to play 16:31 This one will kick you… in Serin Fate 17:28 Survive and farm in 1860s Oregon with Veil of Dust 18:26 But what is YOUR all-time farming game? ➤ I do not claim any rights to the music played in my video, neither during the video nor at the end of the card. All credits go to the artists. #MissBubbles #cozygames #cutegames #farminggames #gamereviews #nintendo #beforeyoubuy .



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    ????Here are the games that I covered more in-depth on the channel:
    ➤Garden Paws:
    ➤Immortal Life:
    ➤Epic Chef:
    ➤My Time at Sandrock:
    ➤Sun Haven:
    ➤Rune Factory 5:
    ➤I talked a bit more about Medieval Dynasty here:

  2. I think, I love most of them I can't choose my favorite >_<. I love the equipment crafting, rpg, characters on Rune Factory, stardew for its secret while exploring, my time series for their different crafting system, the monster keeping on serin fate, I also have played graveyard keeper, and littlewood, need to spend more time on sun haven, dinkum, kynseed, also have in my wishlist immortal life, story of season, medieval dynasty. Have tried but not really hooked by staxel and verdant skies.

  3. I loved Verdant Skies. Great gameplay and decent story (don't care about stories in farming games tbh) the only thing I hated about it is how rude, boring and annoying the characters were.

  4. I dunno about staying away from jojo mart in stardew valley, pier is shady AF and mayor lewis in a town thats struggling had a golden statue made of himself, jojo mart actually fixes up the town for very reasonable prices (I mean they gotta pay for the work and materials somehow and its not like mayor lewis is prioritizing fixing up the town).

  5. I am SO glad that I found your 100k view announcement on Twitter last night, because this video was not only comprehensive, but engaging and downright delightful! What a find. Thank you for covering games like Verdant Skies, whose characters and writing SHINE (even if the gameplay and graphics suffer), and even dipping into other genres with titles like Epic Chef. Medieval Dynasty looks BEAUTIFUL!? I'm shocked to never even have heard of it, let alone Veil of Dust and Serin Fate. Thank you so much for all of this and I cannot wait to keep up with your content from hereon out ????

  6. Rune factory 4 is peak Farming sim and Rune factory. The 3D designs can be "outdated" by some people but the game holds on, is charming, is as difficult as you want it to be and there is always something to do, improve or work, and has not 1, not 2 but 3 story arcs and is the only RF game to do that.

    Gets bad rap because of the "Random Events" I mean, yeah is valid criticism but is a very small price to pay for such a solid and excellent experience.

  7. My favorite farming game in Xbox One is Farming Simulator 22, in PSVita is Farming Simulator 16, in Switch is Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition, and my favorite farming game in smartphone is The Farm Sassy Princess.????

  8. I haven't played it in ages but Harvest Moon a wonderful life is probably my favorite. I cannot wait for the remake thou I'm Not sure if it's possible for the remake to achieve the same vibe. I love modern harvest moon and j don't think I'll be disappointed but the original was laid back, simple, just vibes. Harvest moon is far from simple anymore haha.

  9. Oh, man. I preordered Pioneers of Olive Town and I was so excited only to have it be a buggy mess that studdered and crashed left and right. It was so frustrating because if you did too much in one day you’d lose all progress. They did some…patching…but the problems continued. It was a severe memory leak issue and they didn’t care lol.

  10. Harvest Moon: Tree of tranquility . It was my first game on the Wii and I loved it so much. The story is simple, the characters are fun, the music was beautiful.

  11. I personally will never touch Littlewood or any game from that developer. Their Kickstarter was beyond misleading and scammy. They went silent constantly and refused to update anyone on the details. Missed deadline after missed deadline with no rhyme or reason. Guy asked for $1,200 on Kickstarter game would release in a month. Brought in close to $85,000 for it, promised a 1 month delay for the stretch goals, only for it release in EA in June in a completely unfinished state. Guy promised the game was almost done when the Kickstarter began, but after about an hour or two of gameplay you were already running into "place holder text". If you called him out on this, or asked him where that money went, you'd be blocked on whatever platform. He never provided any answers aside from "there is a lot of text to write" and with $60,000ish (after ks fees) he should've been able to bring on a writer or two to finish up writing the text and stuff for the "basically done" game. Dude was deceptive, lied constantly, and missed every deadline with no remorse. It might be done now, but I won't support any project from a developer as shady as this one.


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