Best free games on Nintendo Switch!


Here are the best free games for the Nintendo switch .



  1. Pretty sure brawlhalla is one of the worst games I’ve ever played, the gameplay is terrible and the skins are ridiculously expensive, it cost $20 to get one skin. Fortnite has great gameplay, skins are cheap (for the most part) and it’s not just Battle Royale. You have Lego Fortnite, a racing mode, and a guitar hero like mode. So please don’t say that Brawlhalla is Number 1. And yes I know that the extra Fortnite modes released after he made this video so don’t go attacking me in the comments.

  2. What about fortnite Apex Legends and all the other cool games out there just Orr knockout City YouTube Crunchyroll Funimation there's a bunch of things you can download free on the switch why didn't you mention those I just listed

  3. Okay but let me give you a little hint if you want free games on your switch don't just look for hoping to find a free game just pick any letter of your choosing on the search history box thing and then delete it once you've pressed send and then you have all the free games in the world all you have to do is now it's just look for them if you want further details I cannot talk to you if that's because I do not know how to explain


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