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  1. Just got RE:Village and while incredibly beautiful and the enemies intriguing it's not a RE game that's really pulled me in. Maybe I'm just used to the third person perspective or something but overall I'm just not in a rush to finish the game. I have to say though I'm really waiting for the switch version of Fatal Frame Maiden Of Black Water.I also hope that we get a physical copy this time instead of just a digital game but at least though you can get the physical copy that's being advertised overseas since the Switch/PS4(5)/Xbox One(SX) aren't region locked.

  2. I got so excited when you mentioned Famicom Detective Club! The original was one of my favorite games ever so I lost my mind when they announced the remake. I even ended up importing the Japanese collector's edition with the art book. I'm really glad that you enjoyed your time with it. The series definitely deserves more attention and I hope people give it a chance.

  3. The only 2021 release I’ve played so far is p5 strikers. Honestly this year has felt really lackluster for me so far, but there are some things for me this fall like smt5 and advanced wars

  4. Ratchet and Clank ARA is a tremendous game, when I used the Rhino 8 weapon and a friggin' (robo) dino from Horizon Zero Dawn flew out of the portal, i lost it!!! A well crafted game indeed ????

  5. Watching this and seeing Ys IX Monstrum Nox as your game of the year. Made my day I hope it does at least get a nomination truly underrated.

    My picks of any which are game of the year..
    – Tales of Arise
    – Lost Judgement
    – RE 8 Village
    – Scarlet Nexus
    – Neo The World Ends with you

    Though unlikely to be goty but would say great remasters

    – Nier Replicant
    – Mass Effect Legendary
    – Legend of Mana

  6. I actually loved Famicom Detective Club.
    Played both of them. Just got YS IX for switch. My personal favorite this year was Scarlet Nexus. Ready for Monster Hunter Stories 2! RE Village, Mass Effect legendary edition, nier Replicant, bravely default 2, smt3 monster hunter rise all were fun too

  7. I have both RE Village and Ratchet just sitting collecting dust while I'm creeping up on almost 200 hours in CyberPunk 2077 I don't know why but it is very difficult for me to let that game go and play some of the new Releases. I even dropped OUTRIDERS when it got released.

  8. I’m surprised you haven’t played Scarlet Nexus yet. It’s been an amazing surprise for me this year and is currently my GOTY. Great story with fun characters and the combat is incredibly fun and pretty deep. I highly recommend it.

  9. Haven't been playing anything new, but — Symphony of the Night randomized seeds are my new fix. I'm sticking to the old skool. New games are rather disappointing & my video card recently died (potential omen?). We got our son Mario Odyssey, though & he prefers to watch ME play — it's real good, as Mario always is. Link's awakening, too, I play on the bowl here & there.

    Pre-GFX card death; Jupiter Hell is great, but feels super EZ compared to DoomRL. Uuuuh, I beasted Sekiro, & kind of never want to play it ever again as long as I live .. Ugh .. Bitter aftertaste. Just give me my Tenchu back.

    Been distancing myself from modern games, it's all been done & I've seen it all — there's nothing left to fascinate, intrigue, surprise or hook me anymore. I just listen to Mark Passio podcasts & play Diablo 2 (PD2) in Single Player Hardcore.. Yup..


  10. Best games I've beaten this year:
    1. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    2. Persona 5
    3. Judgment
    4. A Plague Tale: Innocence
    5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    6. Resident Evil 3 Remake
    7. Super Mario Odyssey
    8. The Evil Within

  11. There are still to many (old) games left to play until i 'can' start something released in 2021..haha.. But im still very disappointed about RE VII…Ego-view? seriously?…i will never play it that. And im still disappointed about the combat in FF VII. Action based…bah… But its FFVII..maybe ill check it out someday…when the whole game is available in 1 package..hahaha


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