2022 has been a year of ups and downs for gaming. We have a few personal picks from the team: our favorite games on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Switch. Subscribe for more:



  1. Can anyone tell me what the name of this game is their was a trailer where a king talks to the moon with a gold mask and sum unseen force is trying to get in and kills all his men

  2. this comes to show how stupid these recommendations are simply by saying a friggin mobile game like—> Vampire Survivors….are you effing kidding me?! that's one of your recommendations?! Really?! i mean, truly REALLY? wow.. i need to add this channel to the ignore or blocked list cause this is pure ridiculous

  3. Elden Ring heads and shoulders above the rest of 2022.

    Nothing else worth mentioning from 2022…damn what a year. I'd say the worst year we've had in a while.

  4. Didn’t Forbidden West come out in 2022? Maybe it’s me but I feel like that game doesn’t get talked about enough. I thought it was incredible in pretty much every way

  5. I’ve always played competitive fps games and i have started dwindle away from those types of games and wanna play something more relaxing but with the same level of attention grabbing. Ive never played any solo or campaign game and would like some suggestions on where to start.

  6. I feel people are forgetting about Dying Light 2. Game absolutely amazing with a great story and great combat with a super improved parkour system. I thought it would for sure be on the list.

  7. please nobody say Dying light 2, just finished the story, and felt so hollow that only 2 choices matter in the entire story, no side quest, no exploration, just 2 simple choices in the main missions, for such great gameplay and world, the story was so weak it makes me angry


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