Best Horror Wii Games


The Best Horror Games for Wii

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  1. The Wii's top function is what Nintendo is best known for in my opinion: interactivity.  Nintendo is the originator (NES started) yet their competitors want be the innovators; WTF?!

  2. Resident evil 4 wii edition
    Resident evil archives (remake)
    Resident evil zero
    Resident Umbrella Chronicles
    Resindet evil dark side chronicles
    Silent hill shattered memories
    Project zero 2 wii edition
    Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen (Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse) (exclusive)
    Calling (exclusive)
    Ju-on the grudge the fright simulator (exclusive)
    Cursed mountain
    Obsucre 2 (aftermath)
    Alone in the dark (2008)
    house of the dead over kill
    House of the dead 2,3 return
    Dead space extraction (exclusive in phisical format)
    Man hunt 2
    dead rising

    yep i have the all 🙂 Down the road a few of theses game wiil be expensive like Silent hill shattered memories, Project zero 2,Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen, Calling and ju-on the grudge the fright simulator so get them while you can if you are into collecting survival horror games.

  3. few games I've heard before but some couple I haven't and they look good. Calling looks good, I played Fatal Frame before on the PS so I know I would like that, Dead Space looks good and I've always enjoyed playing Silent Hill.

  4. Although everybody has different taste, IMO, Calling is overrated while Cursed Mountain is underrated.

    Calling started great. Rumors of some strange site, strange phone calls, etc… When I got a phone call from someone keeps approaching, I got a chill even though I knew it was just a game. But as the game progressed, things got rather dull. Later in the game, you will mostly just wander around the empty dark hospital with some jump scares and nothing more.

    Cursed Mountain, in the other hand, breaks a lot horror game cliche. You are not helpless, you get unlimited ammo, you play mostly under the daylight, enemies are not that strong, and there is almost no jump scare. But still, the atmosphere of the game is great. It shows that you don't need to be in the dark to feel you are alone and helpless.

    Now… I am starting the 2nd loop of Fatal Frame 4 in hard mode.


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